Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Obinna is a man who boasts of great experience whenit comes to matters of the heart.

Today, the funny man called on the boychild to stop asking 'useless questions' in relationships.

He says not unless your heart is made of steel then you should shun away from asking questions that will serve you some cold character development sauce.

"Stop asking useless questions in a relationship, they will cost you your self esteem," said Obinna.

He went on to list some of the questions which he deemsuseless.

"Oh what do I mean in your life, oh babe when you look at me do you think you'd leave me? Babe between me and your ex who do you think is makingyou shakara?"

Kamene agreed with him saying when you ask those questions be prepared to be lied to. Obinna adds that if you won't be lied to then you'll be emotionally damaged.

"Boychild there are things that are unnecessary. Stop asking ati oh what's your body count? Take your number stand on your queue and move on!" He said.

Obinna says not any man should have any business enquiring about a lady's body count.

Check out the video below;