Oga Obinna
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Oga Obinna decided to choose V for violence for breakfast and to be honest, I loved it.

Well according to him it was coming from a place of love but mmhh... we are calling a spade a spade. Obinna decided to start his story from some drama that transpired between Octopizzo and Breeder before giving us the real tea.

"I come in peace kwa sababu vitu alifanyia Breeder.... So first of all he was doing an interview and he was saying there is a time Breeder started beef with him.


You know Breeder LW, Bazenga  daddy. Alienda akatoa Breeder kwa nyumba. ( He went and removed Breeder from his house)" Obinna said. 

"What do you mean?" A surprised Kamene Goro asked.

Obinna clarified that the beef had started from an online war. Apparently, Breeder had been trolling Octoppizo and the guy caught feelings.


"Ile si unajua online ile msee anaongeanga mbaya, sijui akasema Ohanga the parrot sijui nini... anamuita parrot... akabeba parrot ingine hivi. Octopizzo aka rally up the troops, kidogo kidogo knock knock... kwake kwa nyumba.

Oohh umekuwa ukiongea mbaya, kaa chini. Bibi anatetemeka, Breeder anatetemeka.... " Obinna dramatically narrated the events that transpired, Dj Afro style. One would actually think he was there. 

"Okay that is a bit dramatic," Kamene chipped in, totally shocked like the rest of us.

" Wakamueka kwa gari wakapiga naye lap, wakaenda na yeye hadi Kibera number nane, amekaa hapo nyuma katikati ya Subaru ya mabang. Octopizzo ako hapo mbele anamwambia okay ulikuwa unaongea online. Ongea sasa tuskie." 

Obinna went on to narrate how Breeder humbled himself in that situation, literally apologizing and begging Octopizzo. 

Finally, Octopizzo did let him go after giving him quite a scare.

"Akashukishwa huko Toy Market akaambiwa wewe kanyaga ukirudi, akatolewa hadi nguo... (They dropped him off and asked him to walk all the way back to his house after stripping him) So that's why I am saying whatever I want to say now... " Obinna said. 

"Tunaishi wapi ? (What sort of country do we live in?)" A clearly upset Kamene asked. 

So according to Obinna after Octopizzo embarrassed Breeder, fate had something quite neat in store for the rapper. 

"What I want to say is coming from a good place," Obinna started by giving a disclaimer before going on with his narration. 

 "Sasa si Octopizzo walibebwa, yeye, kulikuwa na Juma Jux  and a couple of other guys wakaenda huko France kwenda kuona vile pombe inatengenezwa. Vile inapikwa. ( Octopizzo and a couple of other guys were flown to France to see how a specific alcohol brand was made)" Obinna stated, letting momentum build as he laughed at the story he was about to unveil. 

"So they came back, and someone on Twitter went there and told Octoppizo so recently you were in France courtesy of this alcohol brand, what was it about? Wueh wacha Octopizzo achome." Obinna said as he burst out laughing. 

"Octopizzo ameenda ameandika this was a very special trip, I wanted to understand better what makes this alcohol the number one Whiskey in the world. Sasa hiyo pombe ameongelelea si whiskey ni cognac," an uncontrollable Obinna said as he continued laughing. 

He went on to add how people have taken screenshots of the tweet, making fun of the rapper and trolling him. Adding that he hoped the French would not see the embarrassing tweet.

'Sasa hii tweet watu wamescreenshot sasa inazunguka, tunaomba hii tweet isifike France. They'll be like tulikulipia ndege.... ukakuja mpaka ukaona... nooo."

Kamene decided to hold her tongue through the whole story.

"Wacha nikwambie mimi sijiski kutolewa nguo.... Octopizzo mimi I'm not here alright. I haven't said anything." Kamene said jokingly.

"Usiogope... Sema number nane baby" Obinna jeered amidst laughter. 

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