Kameme Goro
KIss fm host Kameme Goro
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro took to the airwaves to address CS Mutahi Kagwe's new mandate for Kenyans to mask up following looming concerns of a sixth covid-19 wave hitting the country.

"So yesterday CS Mutahi Kagwe came to talk to us.... and it is never a good thing when he comes to talk to us,"  Kamene said in between giggles.

" You think convening a meeting... " Obinna asked before his co-host hurriedly cut him short trying to defend herself. 


"It is because we had not seen him on TV for a long time..." Kamene said and Obinna swiftly agreed with her noting that we had been a happy nation not seeing the CS on the news daily. 


" We were like events zimerudi, events ndio hizo, campaigns....slowly by slowly we had started going back to some sort of normalcy.

Then he comes and he is like the 6th wave is here. Imeanza kufanya press ups mahali ikingoja kuingia and he said we have to go back to a couple of measures," Kamene said. 


Kamene went on to list some of the measures that the CS had stipulated including masking up in highly populated areas and public areas such as PSV's (matatu) airplanes, offices essentially anywhere where there are a lot of people. 


The CS also urged people to get vaccinated, and get their boosters shots if they still hadn't.

" A lot of people had even forgotten about the importance of vaccinations... there are still some of you saying I'll get one tomorrow and I was like wueh will we survive," Kamene said.

Before she turned to ask her co-host if he was planning on masking up and if actually still had a stock of masks. 

" I noticed when you went to high-end hotels they required you to mask up so I have one in the car that has been overused... it is for emergency purposes only," Obinna said. 

Adding that he had not taken a booster shot as the first vaccine had badly knocked him.

And Kamene could not believe what her co-host was saying. So she decided to pose the question to their listeners considering the news of the 6th wave set to hit.

"Honestly, they're saying the 6th wave is back do you believe? Are you going to mask up or you are going to take it just like another hhmm?" Kamene asked.

Below are some of netizens replies to the question:

@thopian._: The masks no no way... I'll take a bullet for that. 

@lyne_lynet: nijikute na mask nkt.

@joshua.kusa: I am not ready to wear a mask again. 

@dantv_254: Ni unga nitanunua ama mask?

@pierosamstrong: Wapi? Wanataka Covid saga 2.

@huzztwist_tripple_s: Masks and hand gloves is the only measure that can guarantee Kenyans mobility on the ground... ama hatujui kilao kwa ground.