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KIss fm host Kameme Goro
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So it turns out that City Hall has been having arrears and Obinna and Kamene got into the matter over their morning breakfast show.

Obinna brought up the story letting Kamene know; "Unajua hawapendi kulipa (you know they do not like making payments). The way they are always pressuring people to pay parking fees..." 

But even before Obinna could finish off his statement a curious Kamene wanted to know what he meant and how much the arrears amounted to?


" They have arrears of 1.5 billion shillings!" Obinna revealed. 

But before he could continue with his narration, his co-host cut him short.

" Okay first of all Kenya Power listen, this is not fair. Sisi tunaishi maisha ya tokens that machine might spend the whole night beeping the whole night one might think there is a fire somewhere.


We are not allowed to have arrears, how did you guys let City Hall amass arrears up to 1 point something billion shillings?" An angry Kamene Goro asked, clearly voicing what we were all thinking.

Because let us be honest, it got to a million then ten, twenty, fifty million, eighty million... and honestly, no one thought that it was ought of control? 

How do these offices operate? 

" Me I think the only way City Hall can avoid accumulating such huge arrears, is if they were also put for that machine for keying in tokens," Obinna said as Kamene wholeheartedly backed him up.

"City Hall has been having these issues most times so the power supplier finally got mad and decided to cut off the electricity from yesterday. So right now they are operating on a generator and stuff..." Obinna said.

" I love it!" Kamene said in reaction to Obinna's news.

However, the two came to the realization that most services at City Hall were at a standstill meaning that these people had more reasons to add to their terrible work skills. 

" But sasa hapo City Hall huwa na kashimo penye convicts huwekwa wakishikwa wakifanya nini tao. Sasa unaskia tu kimtu kikibreathe..." Obinna said before Kamene revealed that she has ever been arrested.

" Buda si that is what happened...mimi nilifungwa usiku. Unapelekwa kwa cell giza tupu. You can not see anyone... nilikuwa tu hodi," Kamene said as Obinna burst out laughing.

"Baby girl... hodi? Kwa cell! Kamene mtu hasemangi hodi kwa cell..." Obinna said surprised and amused.

Kamene defended herself by saying she could not put up a show pretending she is a G and she knows she is not. 

A few Twitter users commented on the story sharing their disappointment and anger.

Below are a few responses:

@EkwenyeD: Hio arrears zote na za watu wengine haifikangi ata thao kama hawajadai ( all those arrears and when it comes to other people they go demanding payments even less than a thousand shillings.) 

@Denis Mugambi: Walipe deni bana... no kusamehea ( let them pay the debts there is no room for forgiveness or anything) 

@Hot Biscuit: Hodi ( knock knock) 

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