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Chito could not control his amusement narrating the viral story of the Kenyan athlete currently stuck in a Mexican prison.

But I do understand him owing to all the movie depictions of the country. 

" There is a Kenyan athlete who is stuck in Mexico... people get stuck in Qatar, others in the United States of America, others in the UK... but yeye he decided Mexico," Chito said before he and his co-host burst out laughing.


"What do you mean though... why is he stuck? What happened?" A curious and sorta concerned Cyd Wambui asked.


" He had gone to work in Mexico... one day he went to work as usual but when he came back in the evening he found the police at his residence," Chito dramatically narrated. 

Before adding how the Kenyan had gotten mixed up in the drama thus leading to his arrest. "So the cops were like aahh so you the person who you were staying in the house with is a thug, so nyinyi nyote wawili tunawabebe... " 


"Aiding and abetting..." Cyd soliloquized in between laughter.  


"So there is a guy right now, a Kenyan fellow in a Mexican prison. " Chito said before dramatically adding, 'Of all places in the world to be stuck in... a Mexican prison!"

"And you know the Mexican's favourite food... tacos," Chito finished off as he and his co-host both burst into laughter following Chito's innuendo. 

The Kenyan athlete identified as Rerimoi Barsitei was implicated in a kidnapping saga.

According to his father Mr. Sammy Chesang, his son was ambushed and implicated in a criminal gang that he had no affiliations whatsoever with.

Mr. Chesang speaking about his son said, "He had left a house for his friends and gone for a racing competition. So his friends involved themselves in criminal activity and during the raid he was arrested too and implicated in the case. He was later informed that he was part of a gang that had kidnapped someone in Mexico." 

Barsite left the country back in 2015 in search of greener pastures.

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