at a club serving drinks
Polycarp Igathe at a club serving drinks
Image: Mpasho

Election periods can be quite a handful, from interruptions from regular programming on the screens to chaos or traffic on the roads because a politician 'tupo site’ (is within). 

To top up, they come with a sum of antics pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

Here is a list;


1. Polycarp Igathe

at a club serving drinks
Polycarp Igathe at a club serving drinks
Image: kiss 100

This campaign season has left us tickled with the contesting Nairobi governor being the starring.

We have known Igathe as the CEO who seats in board meetings donned in suits looking dapper.It’s a whole reintroduction of him, courtesy of the due elections.


He has moved from boarding matatus, riding on Mikokoteni’s, carrying water jerry cans,cleaning butcheries, all for votes.

The question most citizens are asking is; will this continue after he wins?

Paul Njoro says: Igathe can get the job done however his strategy is more like campaigning forMCA; I am not sure it will work in his favor.

Kaunda Kenneth: saa hizi wanasiasa watachange Watoto hata pampers

2. Rigathi Gachagua

in a file photo
Rigathi Gachagua in a file photo
Image: The-Star

Kenya Kwanza Deputy Presidential candidate, Rigathi Gachagua, has promised that when he gets into power, he will build a home in Kieni where men can visit him and grill meat as they drink what they drink.

For the women, he assures a nice place in his home where they can visit his wife and drink porridge while singing and dancing.

Jacy Amiani says: and there is someone who will wake up early than they do to vote na kunaUji Kwa vibanda for 10 ONLY na wimbo kwa vinyozi free of charge.

Weight loss Mmesema Netflix and chill itakua kwa gachagua

3. George Wajackoyah

Professor Wajackoyah
Image: The star

We can't exhaust on Wajackoyah, Wah!

The presidential candidate, recently in his campaigns in Kisumu, was laying on top of his car; in his defense he said,

“When you saw me sleeping on the car in Kisumu, I was talking to Raila in a dream, and he’s pushing me to be the president.”

Zarah Mohammed says: We need fresh blood and laughter in Kenya; it has been a boring journey since Kibaki Left

Mbori Steve: Supply itaisha kabla August at this rate

4. Martha Karua

Martha Karua
Image: Courtesy

The Azimio la Umoja presidential running mate on 24/06/2022 was spotted on set dancing in a proposed music video with songwriter Fena Gitu and rapper Juliani.

Wallach Warrior wrote: Rigathe pia naskia ameingia studio

Yego Andrew: So atanaye karua amempenda juliani ,mutua hana makosa juliani is a beast

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