at Kiss FM studio
Kamene and Obinna at Kiss FM studio
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kamene and Obinna are surprised by Roots Party Presidential candidate George Wajackoyah and his rising fame.

'Truth be told anaharibu hesabu (he's spoiling the votes),' said Kamene on The Morning Kiss

Her co-host, Obinna added 'Wajackoyah anaharibu hesabu kabisa (he's really spoiling the math for the votes ."

Kamene continued "All of a sudden he is now a third horse in what was considered a two horse campaign."

Obinna says Wajackoyah has been doing what many could not do while wearing a durag.

Kamene gave an example when she was in Nakuru when someone said Wajackoyah's name and people lost their minds.

"Words have trigger words, as an MC you'll need that scream, it used to be football now its Wajackoya, people will drop what they are doing and pay attention." Said Obinna

"This is the guy who is probably going to push us to a run off election.'

Obinna said that the DP does about ten public functions in a day. The former Prime minister sends representatives across the country, meanwhile, Wajackoyah just gets into the club.

"Wajackoya does not do road show. He does club shows and I hear he's being paid."

This comes just days after the presidential hopeful said he was offered 200 million to drop out of the race.