Kamene and Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

The World Rally Championship went down this weekend. Most Nairobians were partying in Naivasha as it was jam packed with events.

On The Morning Kiss, Obinna says he changed his mind last minute,"

"I had said I'll not be going. I was one of the vendors there, I had all the permits. I was even thinking of selling food and the profit was not adding up and I was like is this really the money I want to make? I was like too much drama too little money."

He continued "I had a feeling everybody was going to be selling things. Thank God I didn't go, people have suffered who went there."

Obinna was feeling sorry for vendors and event organizers who carried their stages and everything to Naivasha and didn't make profit.

"Do you know that DJs were playing songs for themselves?" He said joking that the DJs had their own private party as they played songs for themselves.

Kamene says the reason she didn't go was because she was sick adding that influencers made a lot of money from the events.

"Plus what I went through last year, this year I said nop. And I didn't really have money so I was like, I will just watch all the action from people's social media. The turn out was particularly  low compared to last year" she said