Kamene and Obinna
Kiss FM presenters Kamene and Obinna
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During their morning show, Oga Obinna and Kamene Goro dived into the topic of men and their liking of older women minus the financial benefits.

Obinna decided to be the devil's advocate and defend men who prefer older ladies saying that a 26-year-old would look at a 30-year-old lady as a god while Kamene argued that she believes such individuals have mommy issues. 

"and I have realised that it is a trajectory that is happening of late, most guys prefer older women to younger women," Obinna said. 


Kamene a little confused with her co-host's findings asked for him to elaborate.

" Like okay, they prefer to settle down or have a serious relationship with women older than them.

Having fun they can have with anyone but when the rubber meets the road and they need to settle down, they need someone constant in their lives most gentlemen... most guys settle down with women older than them," Obinna said.


Kamene still confused said that she did not understand the why because just like it does not make sense to me, it did not make sense to her either. 

"But why? " She asked Obinna.

" I think the maturity, understanding, experience... it is a bunch of things," Obinna replied.

Kamene seemed to agree with the maturity bit based on the ideology that women do mature earlier and faster than men but at the same time, she felt that men who chase older women they might have underlying issues.

"Is it because of this thing where you men are always looking for their parent in their partner?

You are looking for your mom in your girlfriend... when you say you want an older lady... who can take care of herself and take care of you essentially you are just looking for your mom in your lady." Kamene said as Obinna vehemently disagreed with his co-host saying that she did not understand it and was making the situation look bad. 

He also added that men do prefer a 4-8 age difference when talking about older ladies. It could be more but that's normally the bracket. 

" Most younger ladies are normally not settled like rounded. They still want to party and when men meet with such girls they assume... I'm not saying it's always the case... they look at them like they are not homemakers. It is a perception I'm not saying is true..." Obinna said as he tried defending men who like older women admitting that he is one of them. 

Kamene stopped him on the tracks voicing, " exactly... you've heard, homemaker read mom...." 

Obinna added that it is not just about homemaking he added that older ladies are actually more hygienic and cleaner as compared to younger ladies.

The radio hosts asked people to share with them their views in regards to the subject. 

Below are a few reactions from people:

@mercy_ben254: Like the Bahati's and they are growing while confused molecules are hating outside here.

@simplymathenge: Running away from responsibilities

@its_nate.ke : Older women are mature and understand a lot 

@_iamduran_: All Obinna is saying is the truth, I had a girl and I had to leave coz she was not a homemaker.

@winniesparklenina: Men will settle with older women and still cheat with younger girls

@huzztwist_tripple_s: Financial dating is...

@ivymsagha: Hey Mr. @Oga Obinna you are going overboard. Okay fine let us party and get married at old age, we are not dirty though.

What are your thoughts on this subject? 

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