Tiktoker cooks and eats a bat
Image: TikTok

Aq9ine, the man who shocked many as he prepared and ate a bat, narrates how he fell ill after the audacious exploit.

After he ate the bat, Aq9ine says that after four days, he had a running nose that lasted for 6 hours.

Later followed by chest pains and spitting blood as he coughed.

The viral Tiktoker, says that he was just preparing to go to work, when a bat flew in since he lives near a bush. Making sure that the windows were closed and every possible outlet he left it in the house.

Later in the evening he decided to create the show.

Aq9ine says that his content is basically for entertainment noting he has a number of things that he intends to cook by the end of the year;

The list includes a rat kept in his house, that he is waiting to grow since it’s still not of age. Second in the list is a snake, and the only issue is that he hasn’t gotten one.

He also intends to cook flies that he will serve with sembe (ugali).

It was shocking to discover other things people around the world indulge in that are just absurd;

1) Cow hooves

Yeap, cow hooves otherwise known as khash.

The hooves, after a boiling process are used to make soup that is served in the morning to cure hangover.

2) Stink bugs

It is exactly what it sounds like, stink bugs.

This is a popular spice that is used to prepare other meals. You just sprinkle as you would black pepper.

#) White ant eggs soup

If you want a sensational soup, then head to the Vietnam, but if not please stay away.It is said that as you eat/drink the soup the eggs will pop in your mouth releasing a sour taste.

4) Tuna Eyeballs

The Tuna eyeballs are a delicacy in Japan. They are roughly the size of a tennis ball, so there is plenty to consume.

5) Odori don

How does the thought of eating a live octopus settle in your mind? Odori don is a Japanese dish that is an extreme of sushi, where you essentially eat an octopus alive with only its head cut.

Is this something you would be down for ama tuwachie Aq9ine?

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