Bien's wife Chiki clears the air on open relationship and vasectomy

Biens wife Chiki has set the record straight about being in an entanglement.

Chiki sets the record straight
Chiki Kuruka and Bien Chiki sets the record straight
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Chiki Kuruka has for the first time addressed her husband's controversial statements about marriage.

She also gave her views on how she felt when Bien said he would consider having a vasectomy.

Chiki was recently interviewed by Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi who sought Chiki's opinion about her husband's comments.

The dance Queen set the record straight saying Bien's comments have been misunderstood.

Most recently is that he would be willing to do family planning (Vasectomy) to save Chiki that hustle.

"But he didn't say that. I urge the media platforms to be more responsible in their reporting. He never said that.

"What he said was contraception can't just be the responsibility of a woman.

"And personally, if it was the case that I was uncomfortable with continuing with contraception he wouldn't mind being the person that takes over that responsibility. We can't have it both ways," she made it clear.

Chiki praised her in-laws saying they are the best gift she ever had. Is she bothered by comments people make about her marriage?

"I have a good family unit I have a very good marriage.

My in-laws are amazing, so it doesn't bother me. I am not going to be the same as somebody else. There is going to be someone who will be a trigger.

So, I think people overwhelmingly need to mind their business. When someone wants to have a child, they are gonna have a child. And it's not gonna be because someone left a comment. "

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"I think it just doesn't bother me like I said you can't be in the public eye and be triggered by what every Tom dick and Harry says.

I think as long as your home is sure, as long as your family is sure, people will always have something I say, and I think overwhelming unhappy people have the most negative things to say. So, my reaction is I keep quiet. "

Is she in an open marriage? Does she tell Bien off about his open relationship comments?

"Nope. Bien and I don't feel like we won each other. We don't feel like we define one another Bien is entitled to say whatever Bien wants to say."

What about the open relationship comment?

"You see he never said that. Again, this was just bad reporting. He said two things. The first, when I went to Ghana and met Idris Elba, ok first you have to understand me and Bien's sense of humor.

He was like aki you met Idris Elba and you didn't smash? It was a joke."

Chiki says being married to someone does not mean one cannot make jokes with them.

She is happily married and that is the important thing.

"Then when he was asked about marriage, what he said was I don't feel strong marriages you own your partner. Your partner has the freedom to do whatever it is that they want to do or choose.

"You know those are very important words to take into consideration.

"I chose my marriage every single day. Bien chooses our marriage every single day.

"But if you look at these Nairobi streets and what people say about Nairobi for the large bedroom that it is, you can smile and pretend that everything is OK, or you can be honest and say I feel suffocated.

Chiki also explained that; "But for us we never want to get to a point we feel suffocated, so we just say enyewe be free, whilst we are still choosing each other, we know it still works.

We know the moment we say we don't choose each other anymore is when we start making different decisions"

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