left stranded in Nairobi by promoter
Fave left stranded in Nairobi by promoter
Image: Instagram

Nigerian Singer and songwriter Fave Szn has come out to narrate the mistreatment she has been through since landing in Kenya for a show.

In a series of posts, Fave lamented that she had been abandoned by the promoter who organized her Kenyan show without any explanation.

According to the singer, her flight ticket back to Lagos, Nigeria was canceled even after the promoter failed to pay her.

“Kenyan fans thank you so much for the love but this has to be the worst hostile treatment we’ve ever received by show promoters. The last act of wickedness was canceling our flights back to Lagos. No love. I wish you guys the best,” Fave lamented.

Adding that: “How do you invite us to your county and abandon us, refuse to pay, and cancel our tickets?

“What a teaching experience. Whatever you hear “Thrift Social Nairobi” my advice would be to run because they ‘are a bunch of thieves. A lady on dada and a couple of other guys. Find God,”.

The singer is still demanding an explanation of why her tickets were canceled without her knowledge.

who was left stranded in Nairobi.
Fave who was left stranded in Nairobi.
Image: Instagram

“Everything you did to us since the beginning of this trip, we swallowed.

“Three days in Kenya but you only set up a one-night accommodation for us. Now we wanna leave your Country and we find out at the airport that you canceled the flights. Why? Can somebody just tell me why?

Fave went on to disclose that her favorite bag was stolen at the concert. She also defended herself after showing up on stage at 2:00 am instead of 10:00 pm.

“Here come the ‘who even are you’ commentators. As if you were to be somebody to be treated with human decency.  I hope you don’t get invited to someone’s country, only to be left to hang. Performed around 2 am but I was ready since 10 pm. Yet people think I’m the one who kept them waiting.

“RIP to my favorite bag that got lost at the venue! Lmao!,” Fave said.

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