Amira angered by stranger who invaded her house

Amira said that the disrespect and audacity by the lady had truly shocked her

She claims a lady invaded her house wile she was away.
Jimal Rohosafi's ex wife Amira She claims a lady invaded her house wile she was away.
Image: Instagram

Businesswoman, Being Amira (Instagram name) took to her Instagram stories to share her disappointment with an acquittance who invaded her home while she was not around.

"Just because you have an idea of where I live doesn't give you the right to invade my space!!!" stated an angry Amira.

The mother of two went on to add; " Today morning I had an incidence where a lady came to my house then my Dm calls me ety kuna mgeni ako kwa nyumba apikiwe nini? And I am like I was not expecting anyone!" 

She went on to narrate how incredibly upset she was by the violation of her privacy and the entitlement the said lady had.

Amira was shocked that even after the lady learned she was not at the residence she did not leave but proceeded to just leisure around as if she resides there.

"Long story short she came to the gate and asked for my house and said she is my friend.

"Even after my Dm told her am not home she went ahead and sat on my couch n said she will wait for me until am home. The audacity!!!!!" ranted Amira.

She finished off by saying that people should learn boundaries and their place in people's lives.

"But what kind of entitlement is this???????? Some of you should learn how to respect nyumba za watu. Rubbbishh!"

The drama did not end there, Amira went on to reveal that the said lady actually went ahead to ask for her number so that she could apologize personally.

Uhm, how are they friends if she does not even have Amira's number?

This is all so weird.

Amira shared a screenshot of the apology from the lady, only identified as Daisy and she is clearly still triggered by the whole occurrence and the ladies audacity.

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