'Cebbie is not my enemy,' Akothee fiercely defends her sister

Akothee highlighted that they were not in communication, but Cebbie was still blood and she loved her

Akothee has defended Cebbie from online trolls
Cebbie Koks and Akothee. Akothee has defended Cebbie from online trolls

Kenyan artist Esther Akothee aka Akothee has fiercely come out to defend her sister, Cebbie Koks as she warns media sites of lawsuits if they continue twisting words to try and benefit from their families' challenges.

Akothee who has always made her life public highlighted that she did not know anything about her sister's current life so she doesn't understand why people would try to cause more drift between them.

Sharing a publication from an online blog claiming that Akothee had claimed her sister faked her life, the artist went on to call the publication malicious and out of context.



"This is the most malicious comment I have ever come Across. 

Just like every family do not take advantage of our challenges for your own comfort. Every family has issues including yours. I will not stand here and allow you use my family on your pages for traction," started the angry musician.

She went on to defend her younger sister highlighting that even if they had a fallout Cebbie would remain her blood and nothing would ever change. Adding that she doesn't consider the former Migori county youth senator her enemy. 

"You know I know how to deal with trolls. This is my blood younger sister & nothing can change; amidst the challenges, I still love and cherish her.

She can never be my enemy nor my competition nor can I refer to her as a workmate. My sister is the age of my daughters, I see her as I see my daughters, we come from a family with Zero Malice, we were brought up well."

She disclosed that she had no interaction with her sister and that people talking about Cebbie should keep off Akothee's page as she had no idea what Cebbie does/ where she is thus, she didn't understand the need for people to tag her sister on her page.

Cebbie with Akothee.
Image: Instagram

"For my sister's haters you know I have been blocking you every time you try to pull rubbish on my wall.

My sister is living her life, I have no idea where she is what she does. If you feel bad about her posts, don't come to comment on my wall, I will not spare you.

She is actually doing better in her 30s compared to you magots warming men's beds with 20 children 80 abortions with Zero income.

She has built a brand that you all admire, now let her be, if she can afford to pay and post Fotos of hotels then she is doing well other than your sister that has been standing next to a kibanda for years with Zero achievement.

You that is posting about my Family, can you give me your family background? Some of you even slept with their own fathers, and some raped their own sisters and had children with their own uncle's, some snatched their sister's husband's, it's only that we don't know you.


Now listen Any blog, or fan who will mess with my family, I will call you by names in court of law.

I won't give you a chance to cyber bully my family chieth. Most of you have not even brushed your teeth smelling like sewage, just keyboard warriors.

Cebby is better than most of your sisters. Hello, she has two degrees yenye wewe na dadako hamna, you got pregnant and left school, some of you ate school fee chieth. Takataka hii.

Be my guest and never post my brand on your wall, you will pay dearly watch this space." Finished off the entrepreneur. 

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