Frasha and Tanasha Donna

P-Unit member turned politician Francis Amisi popularly known as Frasha has explained why he stopped making music 4 years ago.

According to Frasha, he shelved his music career out of frustration.

“It's been 4 years since I stopped being active in music and opted out of the music business due to frustration in the industry," he said in part. 

The P-unit member also confirmed that he pulled down all his songs from Skiza over what he termed as other people benefiting from his hard work.

“Too much hard work with other people reaping the benefits. 4 years ago we also pulled down our music from skiza tunes and other platforms because the music wasn't making sense.

However, Frasha pointed out that he is back in the studio to do what he does best and fans should be ready for him.

“But any club I go in our music still bumps till today and a lot of people keep asking kwani uliwacha kuimba?

And I never hear the last of FRASHAAAA NIM KAREEE !!!! So yesterday I went back to something I love doing hopefully will create some magic,” Frasha said.

A clip shared by the star indicates that he has linked up with singer and songwriter Tanansha Donna for his comeback song.

During the 2022 General Election Frasha was eyeing an MCA seat in Athi River and he said his big plan was to transform his ward.

Before that, Frasha previously worked as a physiotherapist at a leading private hospital.

He said the transition to music was not easy and he had a hard time convincing his parents.

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