Video: Drake gifts Dj Khaled 4 toilets worth 7.3M each

Khaled profusely thanked the rapper as he revealed he'd been meaning to get the luxury toilets for a while now

Drake gifts Dj Khaled luxury brand toilets
Image: Courtesy

Award-winning music producer Dj Khaled is over the moon after his long-term friend, fellow artist Drake gifted him multi-million toilets.

Yep, you read that correctly.

Taking to his Instagram page Khaled profusely thanked Drake for the gesture as he highlighted he and his wife had been meaning to get the luxury brand toilet seats for a while now

"Shout out to my brother Drake! This is not a regular toilet bowl," started the super producer.

He went on to add, "So Drake got my family and I about 4 of these big toilet bowls. These are the ToTo toilets and if you've been to Drake's house you know why these toilets are crazy."

Before going on to ask his wife to highlight some of the highlights that the multi-million toilet bowls boast of.

"They have UV light cleaning system; it is remote control operated; it has an automatic toilet seat that can be opened with a remote; an inbuilt air freshener to prevent unpleasant smells; can play music; heated seats; night light and a few other features..." Khaled says excitedly.

He said he'd put one of the bowls in the studio specifically for Drake so that he can enjoy comfort when he visits, the other one in their master bedroom and the guest room as well so that their guests can know what luxury is.

He captioned the video, " Drake, real talk my queen, and I have been wanting this for our house!!! Thank you, my brother!! Naah this is no regular toilet; this is that TOTO! Same model as the ones in the embassy.

I like what Drake likes! Love brother! Thank you for the gift."

This isn't the first over-the-top the artist has gifted the super producer.

Known for his generosity Drake is always going all out for both his friends and fans alike.

Back in 2020, he gifted Dj Khaled with a diamond chain to celebrate their friendship and the success of their songs Popstar and Greece. Khaled took to social media to show off the beautiful diamond-encrusted owl and key pendant chain that Drake bought for him.

Sharing the news in a video on his Instagram page Khaled wrote, "It is always special when we connect. 

If you watch the Popstar video, Drake is wearing one and I now got one. It's called brothers. This gift means so much to me, Drake got me a beautiful gift. Fully iced out and it's so heavy." 

The expensive chain features Drake‚Äôs OVO owl mascot which is connected to Khaled's We the Best lion head. The main design of the chain is a key. 

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