I had no idea - Diana Bahati addresses Balenciaga outfit backlash

The singer maintained that she didn't know her sweater was Balenciaga or the company had scandals

She's defending herself for wearing a Balenciaga outfit
Diana Marua. She's defending herself for wearing a Balenciaga outfit
Image: Instagram

Content creator Diana Marua Bahati has finally come out to address claims that she was in support of Balenciaga as the whole world was boycotting the luxury brand.

Balenciaga has been on the spot after a now-deleted campaign that they had that seemed to support child pornography.

In a video on her Youtube video while talking to her husband Diana defended herself by insisting that she had no idea Balenciaga was accused of sexualizing kids.

She also pointed out that she had no idea her outfit was a Balenciaga brand.

C'mon Diana B that sweatshirt was practically a walking billboard.

The video starts with Bahati warning his wife about rocking brands that she does not know of.

"And you stop wearing brands that you have not researched on... does Gucci have a scandal like Balenciaga?" the singer asked his wife.

Diana went on the defensive letting her husband and their viewers know that she had no idea of what was going on or that the brand currently had scandals.

She even went to the extent of playing it down by highlighting that she didn't know it was Balenciaga that she had on.

Either way, ignorance is no excuse though... she is a content creator shouldn't she be on top of things happening around the globe?

"I had no idea! Now I was just there cooking, I didn't even know... I was just wearing a sweater I didn't even know it is Balenciaga." stated the YouTuber. 

Pleading her case she went on to add, "I was just there cooking fries, I had no idea. I posted the video and then a day later... literally, a day later I woke up and I see on explore, Diana has done sijui what and what.

I had over 700 comments trolling me about the Balenciaga that I had worn yet I had no idea. I had no idea babe"

Diana insisted as she got emotional.

She however hasn't apologized for it nor pulled down the video.

Part of the child bondage ad that Balenciaga ran
Part of the child bondage ad that Balenciaga ran

8 days ago the mother of three caused a stir online after she posted a video of herself rocking a black Balenciaga sweatshirt while at home.

Netizens flocked her comment section calling her out for rocking the fit 3 weeks after the company posted their distasteful ad.

Below are a few comments:

rebeccah_mwikali: How dare she wear that brand even if itโ€™s fake ๐Ÿ˜ก, I unfollow you

elodiezone: Supporting a brand like this is unacceptable. Child pornography is not something to ignore especially as someone with the following that you have. Iโ€™m so disappointed. Use your platform to spread awareness not play dumb.

laureennashipai: Balenciaga,a brand that does adverts with kids holding bondage teddy bear,the same brand that also did an advert with papers on top of their tables of a law that glorifies child pornography,cancel Balenciaga at all cost, children exploitation is not okay

rummy__20love: Kwani watu wakizaa hawaangalii news??? Are you kidding kenya rn??? U can wear that when people are destroying the brand to save kids... Na bado tu unazaa... Come on... U r better than this... #cancelbalenciaga

gloriananetia: I love everything but hio top ya balenciaga is a turn off its like u don't know balenciaga supports child abuse ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿง๐Ÿง

chrisbetcharity: Balenciaga ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ with all the negativity going on?

mercytuna: Why would you wear that brand with all the hit it's getting. Unless you wanted more publicity. As a woman mum and a brand I'd not wear that.

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