'Hajaoga,' Bahati embarrasses Diana on camera

Bahati claimed that him and his wife although all dressed up and ready to leave for an event had not showered

Diana and Bahati

Kenyan artists Bahati and Diana B had an event to attend, and they were not going to let the power surges the country has been experiencing stop them.

Even if it meant skipping a shower as revealed by the "My beginning" hitmaker.

In a video shared by Diana, she and her baby daddy looked all fresh and cleaned up in matching all-black outfits.

Bahati started by complaining that he'd woken after Diana and had somehow managed to finish getting ready before his wife.

"She woke up 3 hours ago, I've woken up 3 minutes ago and I have already finished preparing myself," Bahati started.

He then went on to add, "ata sijaoga..."

Diana seemed thrown off by her husband being so blunt on camera.

"You don't have to shout..." the new mom told her husband before leaning in to sniff him.

"Na umejijaza perfume babe," Diana commented before Bahati roped her in.

"Babe kuongea ukweli ata wewe hujaoga (babe let us be honest even you, you haven't showered!) Bahati went on to reveal as he burst out laughing.

A statement that caught Diana off guard as she was madly embarrassed.

She let out a squeal as she asked her husband to be quiet.

"Aaahh babe shut up! Babe! C'mon" An embarrassed Diana shouted before going ahead to blame KPLC.

"Hakuna stima, (there are no lights)" Diana said in her defence.

Bahati was not letting this go or getting hints that Diana was getting embarrassed by his revelations on camera.

He just went on to dish more info.

"Alikuwa anajipanguza huku," Bahati revealed as he pointed to the armpits and laughed out loud. "I've never seen my wife that dirty," he jokingly added.

"Passport mbio mbio" Diana joined in as at this point there is nothing more she could do and her defences were not working, her hubby was intent on going on and on and embarrassing her.

"Aaahh wee! Wacha babe!" Diana added as she playfully hit him on the shoulder trying to silence him.

In a bid to end the argument and prove who is right, they turned to their house help.

"Josephine si umeleta maji ya kuoga kupata ashaa oga? Ameoga na nini?" Bahati asked the house help

"Mama Wendo ameoga," the house help calmly replied clearly taking Diana's side.

Bahati was however not letting it go. "Asanti, ameoga ameoga na nini? Towel, wet towel." Bahati said before the video came to an end.

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