Entertainers who've made their rate cards public

The rate cards apply both for social media marketing and performances

Diana Marua.
Image: Instagram

Rate cards are the new normal and Kenyan celebrities have decided to make their public so as to let clients looking to book them get their budget in order before reaching out.

Below is a list of celebrities who've released their rate cards both for shows and social media marketing.

Prepare to be shocked.

1) Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai

Keroche Breweries heiress, Anerlisa MuigaI made public her rate card and netizens went livid over it.

According to Anerlisa's rate card she charges:

  • Post on the Main page > $6000 for 3 weeks 3 posts only.
  • Post on Stories for 24 hrs for small businesses $100 for 3 stories
  • Post on Stories for 24 hrs for corporate and companies $200 for 3 stories
  • Post on Stories 12 hrs > $65 for 3 stories
  • Mention on my main page under my Picture Post > $500 per Picture/Mention
  • Brand Ambassador > $100,000 for 3 months. (I will not accept any brand that includes nudity)
  • Appearance for promotion > $15,000 for 2.5hrs
  • Buy My social media Pages > $300,000

The equivalence of $600 is currently 727,800.00 Kenyan Shillings

2) Jasper Murume

has shared his rate card
Comedian/musician Jasper Murume has shared his rate card
Image: Instagram

Stand-up comedian turned musician Jasper Murume recently joined the list of celebrities to publicly share their rate cards online.

According to the content creator's posts, he charges Sh200,000 to MC and Sh120, 000 to perform at corporate events.

He added that he won't be doing club appearances but performances are a yes and will cost one 200k 

"I charge nothing to MC weddings, as long as I provide the PA and visual coverage for just 140 thousand!' Jasper revealed.

For brand activations, Jasper will be charging Sh150, 000 but slightly negotiable depending on the number of days listed.

And 100 thousand to MC at corporate team building.

3) Will Paul

Willy Paul at Kiss FM Studios
Willy Paul at Kiss FM Studios

Willy Paul shared his updated Rate Card on his official Instagram account and it's in millions.

According to the musician, it will cost you sh200, 000 to have a post on Willy’s Insta-stories (they expire after 24 hours) and at the same time Sh500, 000 to advertise on his Instagram page (a permanent post).

The star says he charges Sh300, 000 for club appearances and Sh500, 000 for Club performances.

If you want Willy Paul to endorse your products or services, then you will have to part with 30 million but this one is negotiable.

Pozze further stated that he charges a whooping Sh1.5 million for outdoor events.

4) Burna Boy

Burna behind stage
Burna boy Burna behind stage
Image: Instagram

Details of how much Burna Boy demands to perform have been revealed by Dr Ofweneke, who responded to a curious Kenyan on why the Nigerian wasn't coming to the 254 during his African tour.

"tried reaching out to the mum for a new years event......he is now charging Ksh 70M (578k dollars)." Ofweneke revealed in a tweet.

This is what Burna's rider looks like; 

  • Private jet (for him and his manager alone)
  • 14 flight tickets for his band
  • Must be picked by a convoy of five vehicles at airport
  • A sprinter van
  • Three SUVs
  • A four-five star hotel must be booked
  • The hotel should have reserved a smoking executive suite, two junior suites, one deluxe king room and six double standard rooms with big mirrors.
  • Up to 10 rooms booked for him and his band.
  • 12  bottles of still and carbonated spring water
  • 8 ginger ales
  • Six sprites
  • Six Pepsi sodas
  • Fresh grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Pineapples
  • Mangoes
  • Watermelons
  • Three bottles of Veuve Clicquot Champagne
  • One bottle each of Hennessy XO cognac
  • Jack Daniels whiskey
  • White wine, preferably a Chardonnay or Chablis
  • Six black face towels
  • Four black bath towels.

5) Diana Bahati

Diana and Bahati

Her husband in an interview  revealed that it will cost you a whooping Sh800,000 to book his wife Diana B for a show.

Her normal appearances at clubs is Sh500K, so the management was rating at around Sh850K per show," Bahati said.

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