Diamond fuels rumours Hamisa Mobeto's son might not be his

The paternity of their son Dylan has always been doubted since his birth in 2017

Diamond Platnumz

Tanzania's bongo super star turned reality TV sensation Diamond Platinumz has finally responded to rumours that have been floating around implying that he might not be the father to Tanzania's socialite Hamisa Mobetto's son.

However, Diamond didn't do much to dispel the rumours, far from it.

According to the "Jeje" hit-maker it's only the Tanzanian beauty pageant queen who knows who the real father of Dylan is.

Diamond recently posted a video on his Instagram stories indicating that he has been providing support for a child who is not truly his.

He reportedly requested a second DNA test for the child outside of Tanzania just to be sure.

However, in the stories, the singer neither confirms nor denies being the father.

The story did much to continue the casts of doubts that have been going around since Hamisa gave birth back in 2017.

The doubts also stem from Diamond's attitude towards his third baby mama.

First off, Diamond has always treated Hamisa like she baby-trapped him and has been very cold towards her as compared to the way he treats his other baby mama's Tanasha Donna and Zari Hassan.

Hamisa Mobetto
Tanzanian actor and musician Hamisa Mobetto
Image: Courtesy

Second, Hamisa is the only baby mama whom Diamond has been forced to pay child support for.

In 2018, the artist was compelled to pay 250k monthly in child support for Dylan.

This was after Diamond had demanded a paternity test from her, which upon being conducted proved that he was indeed Dylan's biological father.

A month ago Hamisa had to go online to warm cyber bullies who were constantly questioning who the father of her son was saying the speculation must stop immediately.

"Stop talking about my son, stop it. How does a grown person decide to sit down and talk about matters that don't concern them?

How do you talk about a five year old child ni kama walikuwepo wakati anapatikana? Binadamu mpooje nyinyi!!!

Au mnataka nini haswa niwasaidie?"Hamisa ranted.

She went on to add, 

"I have never asked anyone for financial help to take care of my son, never, so please I am begging you mumuache kijana angu hamjawahi hata kumuona live lakini manene mengi sana "

The mother of two added she does not like clout chasing using her children's name.

"sipendi kero na mtu na mimi sio mtu wa kuropoka wala muongeaji chonde chonde tusije onanan wabaya... What business is it of yours who fathered my son ndo mumpangie baba nyie kama nani haswa?"

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