Esther Musila and Guardian Angel celebrate their first wedding anniversary

The two highlighted being with each other is the easiest thing in the planet

Guardian Angel and Esther Musila celebrate their first wedding anniversary
Guardian Angel and Esther Musila celebrate their first wedding anniversary

Kenyan gospel singer Guardian Angel and his wife Esther Musila are celebrating their wedding anniversary and the two could not help but shower praises on each other.

Despite all the criticism and social media bullying they've gone through the couple seems to have figured how to block out the noise and are doing incredibly well.

"04.01.2022...One year ago on this day, I married my best friend and of all the love stories in the world, ours will always be my favourite." Started off Esther.


In a long post, she went on to gush over how marriage life has been treating both of them as she gushed over how incredible the artist is as a partner, highlighting getting married to him was one of the best decisions she ever made.

"This has been a beautiful journey, I'm still your bride, you're still my groom. It's been one year but it's still a honeymoon...

Everyday I love you more than the day before.


You make Mr & Mrs look so easy....Happy anniversary to the love of my life and many many more to come.🥂🥂🥂I love you Mr. Omwaka💞💞" The last of her post read.

And without wasting time her hubby was quick to respond to her heartwarming message letting her know that he adored her now more than ever.

Also adding how beautiful doing life with her has been.

"guardianangelglobal: I LOVE YOU MY QUEEN. YOU HAVE MADE MY LIFE BEAUTIFUL and I thank God for you HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️" commented the gospel artist.

On his page the gospel artist shared a video of his wife walking around followed by a video of them driving to an undisclosed location as they admired the sunset.

In the video the two could be heard flirting with each other.

He captioned the video, "it is going to be a good night. Love wins!"

Their anniversary also happens to be Guardian's birthday so it's a double blessing for the couple.

"7 is Number of perfection.2023 - 2+0+2+3 =7I turn 35 - 3+5=88-7 = 1 year of my Marriage.(Happy Anniversary)

Today is the day 4 of the year and day 3 of the week.3+4= 72023 is OUR YEAR OF PERFECTION HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US." Added the musician.

Celebrating her man she wrote:

"My love, my heart is filled with gratitude for the love and friendship that comes from you. Thank you for the late night laughs and the early morning kisses you shower me with.

The singer has thanked his wife for being Instrumental in his success
Guardian Angel and his Wife Esther Musila. The singer has thanked his wife for being Instrumental in his success
Image: Instagram

Thank you for showing me humility and being a blessing to my life. Every moment of my life with you has been memorable.

Thank you for holding my hand through this life and proving that good men still exist, and thank you for the pleasure of being the woman in your life.

I truly wish that you are blessed with happiness,health, joy and prosperity in life. Happy birthday to the twinkle of my eye and the person who I love from the bottom of my heart. 🎂😍💞"

The couple has been on the receiving end of a lot of online hate since they started dating in late 2020 due to their significant age difference ( 20 years to be precise) 

With the biggest concern for most netizens being if Esther will be able to give Guardian any biological kids to consummate their marriage. 

Esther has been blessed with 3 kids from her previous relationship but Guardian has not sired any kids to date. 

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