I want a child to cement our love- Wema Sepetu tells boyfriend

Wema also gushed about how madly she was in love with her man, Whozu

Wema Sepetu has revealed desire to carry Whozu's child
Wema Sepetu and Whozu Wema Sepetu has revealed desire to carry Whozu's child

Once again Tanzania's beauty queen has touched on the topic of childbirth.

Taking to her Instagram page, Wema shared a picture of her and her boyfriend Whozu in matching black and red outfits as she gushed over how deeply in love she was.

She then went on to highlight that she felt having a kid was the best way to cement their love.

It seems the former Miss Tanzania hasn't yet given up on the possibility of being a mom after suffering several miscarriages.

"Mebakisha kimoja tu kukamilisha furaha yangu kwako Amore... Tuseme Inshallah...🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼 Lakini pia hata isipokuwa, all I know is that "You are Enough" ... ❤️❤️❤️ Loving you all day Errday...❤️"

(I love him so much and he loves me too, however, there is one thing (child) that I need to accomplish for him to cement our love. If it never happens then that would be wonderful but still love him to death,") The model wrote.

This comes a month after she hinted at the possibility of having to adopt a child, 4 months after she suffered a miscarriage.

While talking to her friend Martin Kadinda in a episode of her cooking show "Cooking with Wema Sepetu, " Wema insisted that even if it meant adopting she would be a mom.

While talking Martin told her friend that he had been asked by several people why they no longer hang out as frequently as they used to, "First off you know you use 99% of your time on love, these days it is so hard to find you...."

It got a little emotional when he went on to touch on the sensitive topic of Wema's quest to be a mom. 

"I am saying this from the deepest part of my heart... and sikuhukumu but I feel deeply what I'm about to say and it will keep at it like that, I feel like you are not ready to be a mother...." Martin said.

The former Miss Tanzania felt attacked by her friend and made it a point to defend herself vehemently.

She insisted that she is more than ready, even if it means having to adopt.

She then went on to add, "and you are also Wrong Wa Kwangu... I am Sooooo ready to be a Mother... Nyie ndo mnaona sipo Ready... Au mpaka ni adopt ambaye sio wangu ndo muamini.... Aaaah jamani," 

(or you guys are seriously waiting till I adopt a child that ain't mine so that you can all believe me? )"

The Tanzanian beauty queen and her boyfriend Whozu were expecting a child but lost the little one only three months into the pregnancy through a miscarriage.

Sepetu, speaking about the loss admitted that she'd been looking for a child for a long time.

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