Rob49 releases new music after shootout during French Montana collabo

The Louisiana rapper doubled down on his murder rap career as he showed off his arm in a sling

Rob49 releases new music a month after being shot
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It seems Louisiana-born rapper Rob49 has tremendously bounced park after nearly losing his life a month ago.

Rob got shot while at Miami Gardens outside a hotel identified as The Licking Restaurant after chaos erupted during a video shoot with Moroccan-American rapper French Montana for their new music collabo "Igloo" off French's new CB6 mix tape.

The altercation doesn't seem to have deterred his spirits or scared him off the game.

Rob is now doubling down on his murder rap career with his new single.

The fast-rising Louisiana rapper started by thanking all his fans for their good wishes before dropping off the video to “4God II”

As if that wasn't enough the rapper appeared on one of America's popular entertainment news social sites,  The Shade Room to assure fans he wasn’t hiding any injuries and he was totally okay (minus the arm in a sling) he also went ahead to urge them to check out the track.

In the new rap single the 24-year-old rapper spits lyrics about being the number 1 target for opps and riding around in bulletproof vehicles.

He also flashes his expensive iced-out jewellery inside a Rolls-Royce all while his arm is in an arm sling, still recovering as a result of the injuries sustained on the night of 5th January.

Speaking about the shooting days after, French denied that he was shooting a music video and instead revealed that he was out celebrating with his guys.

Probably trying to serve face as authorities accused him of failing to secure permits to film.

The 38-year-old shared that he was beyond thankful to be alive and that those injured in the shooting were all expected to make it 

Speaking about the scary incident French wrote:

 "Last night, I was in Miami celebrating the release of my CB6 mixtape with friends at a local restaurant. 

We unfortunately were at the wrong place, at the wrong time when an incident took place that left people hurt. 

Our thoughts & prayers are with the victims & families at this time."

The rapper together with his crew ducked into a fast food joint to ensure their safety, however, one of the French's body guard's was badly injured in the mayhem.

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