Dr Ofweneke: I tried to take my own life 3 times

He tried to hang himself, throw himself in the forest to be killed by wild animals and throw himself in front of a car on the road but all failed.

Dr. Ofweneke.
Image: Instagram

Dr. Ofweneke has for the first time narrated how he tried to take his own life three times without success.

Ofweneke who was speaking in a podcast noted that at the time he was young, a third-grade student, and suicidal thoughts came to him frequently, especially after his parents separated in Nairobi and he stayed in the village with his cousin.

"My parents came to discover this just the other day, no one knew the whole period. I tried to commit suicide three times, but I didn't succeed.


The first time I tried because I was not living with my parents but I was living with my late uncle and aunt," Ofweneke narrated.

He said that he had set a schedule to commit suicide where on Monday he was going to school and the next day he was going to the forest to evaluate the way to take his own life.

"In the forest, I used to work there all day and come back at night. At that time my parents were in Nairobi and they were separated and I had no one to look up to wondering why they had abandoned me like that. I was in 3rd grade at that time."


The first time he tied a rope to the top of the house and tried to put a noose on himself.

Fortunately, the ceiling wood broke and he fell to the floor. The second time he went to the forest to be mauled and beaten to death by. monkeys

"Monkeys came and started scratching me and later people came and helped me but I didn't want to. The third time I threw myself in front of the car on the road but the car avoided me and that's why I failed my third attempt to take my own life," Ofweneke explained.

Ofweneke said it was important for men to be given advice on how to open up about things that bother them in their heads, unlike the fact that many men do not have the opportunity to show their weaknesses.

The comedian will be one of the big names at the men's conference event set to be held on February 14 at the Carnivore in Nairobi.

The conference will be held in conjunction with Valentine's Day and journalist Stephen Letoo, who is at the forefront of promoting it, said one of the sensitive issues that will be discussed is mental health and the importance of being open about what happens to you.