Catherin Kamau aka Kate Actress
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Award-winning actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate actress has shared little know details about her first pregnancy.

In an interview E! Online, Kate disclosed that she learnt that she was four months pregnant after a motorbike accident.

“Actually did know is was pregnant, I remember the father of my Child and I, went out and we had a motorbike accident and I had to go to hospital and the doctor came in and he was like, you are okay and the bay is safe.

"I was like, What Baby? She is like you are four months Pregnant (who)… here my tummy is flat because I was a very tiny girl and that’s how I learned I was pregnant,” Kate shared.

In November 2020, the former Mother In-Law actress disclosed that her mother took a loan of Sh400K for her school fees in Uganda and but unfortunately she ended up pregnant within the first 3 months of joining campus.

Appearing on Jessy Junction, Kate narrated that things were not easy as she had disappointed her mum who had invested so much in her education.

The Pregnancy Story 

“After three months in Uganda for Campus, I was pregnant, I think Mathe alikuwa amechoka hata akawish angezaa maandazi akuneywe nayo chai (Laughing). Alikuwa amechukua loan ya Sh400K anipeleke Kampala International University, hata sijabreathe ball…enyewe nilisumbua.

"Nilikaa kaa huko juu that time hata sikuwa naelewa ball ni nini, I was barely 19…so after kurudi mather hakukuwa nikamuandikia kibarua hapo kirefu, nikahepa kwa kina beshte yangu but eventually nilirudi home. I broke the news to my mum in a letter… I really disappointed her but she never gave up on her,” said Kate actress.

After 2 years on staying home and taking care of her son, Ms Kamau was again enrolled to campus but she never graduated after the opportunity to act in Mother-In-law presented itself.

“… akanipeleka tena hapa KCCT, sai inaitwa Multimedia University, na sikumaliza, Hapo nilipata kazi ya Mother-In-law. Nikaona Pesa, Shule! Si nasoma ndo nipate pesa,” added Kate.

In 2020, Kate shared her worst heartbreak experience, stating that she cried nonstop from Uganda to Nairobi.

She was heartbroken by her baby daddy, as she came back home pregnant at a time she had been send to Uganda to Study.

“I cried from Uganda to Nairobi nonstop, one of the passengers innocently asked me whether I had been attacked by bees, my whole face was swollen ...I said allergies and I didn't lie, I have been extremely allergic to emotional BS since” reads a tweet from Kate.

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