David Adedeji Adekele famously known as Davido is not only doing music for his personal gain. 

He has remarkably been involved in activities that help the world become a better place. 

From helping upcoming artists to raise their stars to empower the needy with basic needs and education. 

The world cannot possibly ignore how much he has been of importance to society. 

Below are some of the philanthropic acts that he has evidently shown;

  • Donates $5,000 (KSh 631, 250) thousand to a music school in Rwanda

In 2018 Davido donated $ 5,000 (KSh 631, 250) to a Rwanda Music school. 

He visited the school during the Francophone Africa leg of his 30 Billion Gang Tour and donated.

The purpose of the donation was to help facilitate the kid's education and to empower them into achieving their goals.

  • Helping a fan pay tuition fees at the University of Liverpool

In 2015, Davido helped raise fees for a university student, Olajide Sanyadu from the University of Liverpool. 

This happened after Sanyaolu, then a student at Liverpool University studying Electronics and Communications Engineering, opened a GoFundMe page to help in raising his school fees. 

His goal was to raise £24,700 (KSh 3,311,416) for his tuition. It came at a period when Davido had announced that he would reward one of his fans with N1 million to celebrate reaching one million followers on Instagram.


Before Davido’s donation, Olajide had only raised a little more than £3,900 (KSh 522, 855). 

A cheque of 1 million naira (KSh 274,176) was presented to him by Davido himself.

Later on, in 2021, the student graduated with first-class honors thanks to Davido for facilitating his education.

  • Donates 15 million naira (KSh 4,103,940) to airport staff for her surgery

In 2018 Davido donated 15 million naira (KSh 4,103,940) to a female worker at Murtala Muhammed International airport in Lagos. This was to help her pay her medical bills and facilitate her surgical procedure.

Davido later shared the video of the lady with her colleagues raising placards with the inscription, “OMO BABA OLOWO THANK YOU 15 MILLION NO BE JOKE ooo’’

  • Donates 1,000,00 million naira (KSh 273, 596) to a young Tuk Tuk driver who is a die-hard fan

Davido gifted a die-hard fan 1,000,000 million naira (KSh 273, 596) This is after, a video recently went viral on social media of a young Tuk Tuk driver who had pasted stickers of Davido’s photos all over his yellow machine.

  • Donates all his Dolce & Gabbana Video proceeds to Covid 19 research

In April last year, the Afrobeats track Dolce & Gabbana was released at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic with proceeds from the music video being donated towards coronavirus research. This was done after Davido heard that the fashion company, Dolce & Gabbana was funding the COVID-19 research and he decided to chip in and donate the proceeds of the music video to the research.

The donation facilitated the world with knowing more about the virus and later researchers coming up with a COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Puts a young boy, Utibe to school and builds his family a house

In 2017, Davido financed a young boy to go to school and build his family a house. 

This was after a video of the young boy singing his song IF went viral and caught his eye.

Utibe through Davido was able to make his first entrance to school while also providing him with one basic need which is shelter. 

  • Signs Mayorkun to his record label, Davido Music Worldwide

In 2016, Davido signed Mayorkun to his record label. This was after Maryokun did a cover song for Davido’s song the money featuring Olamide. His fans then convinced him to sign the Certified loner hit song maker.

Maryokun association with the record label made him a superstar.

 He has since released quite several hit songs which have built a name for himself in the music industry.