Daddy Owen

Gospel singer Daddy Owen has been shadow-banned from Instagram. This means that if one searches for his page directly on Instagram, they will not be able to find it.

But if one uses Googe search, they can then find the account that boasts of 679k followers.

Speaking to, the singer said that he had received a warning twice.

"We started doing our music and serving God before social media came and so, we will not relent about our fight against LGBTQ community in the country."

His last post was of him telling his fans that the page had been reported by people who claimed he was spreading hate speech using his account. The page was taken down, an hour after his last post.

On Friday last week, a panel of judges of the Supreme Court passed a decision to legalize the integration of groups of same-sex lovers, a decision that has been met with a lot of opposition.

Various groups have come out in public to condemn the court's decision, saying that the judges are trying to justify sin.

Daddy Owen had been on the front line into the debate raising serious concerns about the conspiracy of LGBTQ groups to spread their agenda in the country.

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