Daddy Owen mourns cousin shot dead by police officer

Rogue police officer for shooting man at close range

Daddy Owen.
Image: Instagram

The worst has surfaced after Daddy Owen revealed he is in a dark season of mourning.

On Sunday, November 13, a police officer was arrested after he allegedly shot a man in the head dropping him down instantly.

The police officer and the unidentified man are reported to have been in a heated argument just before the incident, in the Umoja area of Nairobi.


Witnesses claim they saw two people argue when the man in blue was spotted reaching out for his gun and taking the life of the young man.

The police rushed to the scene of the crime where they found Constable Jason Nyamolo armed with a Glock pistol loaded with 14 bullets.

The cause of the argument between the two is yet to be established.


Daddy Owen went on to pour his heart on the internet regarding the matter.

"My first cousin was killed by a rogue police officer who shot him in the head..!! This is sad and painful to our family, we are seeking JUSTICE!"

Below are some of the condolence messages from his followers:

evarlistandegwaMy condolences @daddyowen ,it is well.May GOD comfort you and everyone affected 🙏🏾

shiqohannMay justice prevail my condolences,may God comfort you

chicha_musiqJustice for our coacharee ...this is Soo unfair I didn't even know that Owen u r related sorry mazee hata sisi football fraternity we have lost a great mentor 😢😢

The Inspector general of police, Japhet Koome, was not pleased with the news and assured him that he had the capacity to deal with the issue.

He went ahead to warn the rogue officers that he will weed them out, and called upon the National Police Service to assist him in executing this task.

He did not forget to applaud the majority of the men in blue for upholding the law, and assuring the public of their safety.