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Tanzanian singer Harmonize has made his HIV status public again months after separating from lover Frida Kajala.

This is the second time the singer is doing this after his breakup with Kajala. Taking to his Insta-stories Konde Boy mentioned that he is a healthy single Boy.

“Single life is good. No stress, it's my birthday month,” wrote Harmonize who is looking forward to the celebration of his birthday later this month.

The star has been among celebrities who have made their HIV status public in recent times. Just the other day, Miss Tanzania 2006, Wema Issac Sepetu also shared her negative HIV status with her fans.

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Before that Diamond Platnumz’s sister Esma Platnumz also made her results public – confirming to the world that she doesn’t have the virus.

In March 2021, Tanzanian Singer Nandy was forced to clear the air after reports of testing positive for HIV/AIDS surfaced online. She cautioned her fans saying those were just fake stories.

Nandy said that she was tired of being asked if she was HIV positive and it was time to put the topic to rest. She added that such unfounded allegations will create unwanted stigmatization among people living with the virus.

“Swali la Ukimwi pia muache kuniuliza, otherwise unataka nikupunguzie Kidogo…tuheshimiane! Mnafanya hata wale wanao umwa kweli wajione Sio binadamu wa kawaida. Hofu ya Mungu Itawale” read Nandy’s statement

World AIDS Day is commemorated on 1 December every year to shed light on the plight of people living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), and the challenges they face.

Given that HIV remains a major public health issue and is still a pandemic around the world.

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