Mohammed Alby excites fans with new update

The TikToker had hinted he would be quitting creating Mambo Nation content after getting sued multiple times

Mohammed Alby has announced he's not quitting on mambo nation
Image: Instagram/Mohammed Alby.

Digital content creator Mohammed Alby aka King of smiles has confirmed that he is not giving up on Mambo Nation following his post from a week ago where he pointed out plans to quit content creation.

The TikToker notes that although he had contemplated it, the overwhelming love and support he has received since making his woes public have helped change his mind and motivate him more.

Alby shared a video both on his Instagram which boasts over 154k followers and TikTok which has over 603 followers where he set the record straight on what he meant with his earlier post as well as clarified what next for Mambo Nation.


In the video, Alby starts by thanking his fans for their support and love before adding, "the support has been motivating... I really needed it. I just needed it.

I will definitely keep on bringing smiles, I will just have to find another way of doing it."

Alby however revealed that Mambo Nation was restructuring and while he maintained that he would no longer be doing random videos with strangers.


"The random videos that I used to approach people with, and give you a random line on the road.... that kind of stranger situation, I will no longer be doing that. That is what will change.

But we will find another way, we will go bigger." Alby clarified.

Captioning the video the brand influencer wrote, "during this tough period, I’ve truly come to see how many people I’ve inspired and touched over the course of my content journey.

it’s truly so warming to know that I bring genuine smiles to many ❤️ in clarification, I am not Quitting on the Mambo Nation, I am not Quitting on Content, we have a lot of mental battles to overcome but I will be here for this positive online community that’s brought me to this level, I genuinely appreciate each and every one of you 🙏🏼"

Last week Mohammed had hinted that he was quitting content creation after being hit with several lawsuits from strangers that he'd made smile in his videos.

After I post the next few videos I have on my gallery I will NEVER again do a video with any stranger in Kenya." Started off Alby angrily.

He went on to add, "l am completely done with "spreading Smiles" because at the end of the day what it's gotten me is making me not even want to see another day."

Alby went ahead to share a court notice on his Instagram stories as he lamented over how unfair it was.

The content creator finished off by pointing out that he was done with the positive content creation as it had brought him to a breaking point and he felt as though he was suffocating.

But now it seems he's thought through everything more clearly and he's no longer set on hanging his hat.

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