Diamond ignores all the important women in his life on Intonational Women's Day  
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Back in 2022, Diamond Platnumz celebrated the women who were important in his life.

Taking to his Instagram page, the music star had dedicated the day to his mum, sister, daughter, two ex-girlfriends, and his three baby mamas.

Diamond had done a photo collage of the women to acknowledge their impact on his life that included Tanasha Donna, Zari, and Hamisa. 

He also celebrated his mother, sister, daughter, and two ex-girlfriends. 

To celebrate them, he told how they each make him work hard hailing them for their contribution to his life.

"Happy International Women's Day Today Naidedicate to my Super Women... Her sons have a unique contribution to my life ... they made me work hard, I gave, I made mistakes, I was happy, I cried, I looked good and sometimes Bad. ..but at the end of the day, it was my Journey written to the World to make me call it DIAMOND PLATNUMZ today "

The musician stated that he made some mistakes but they made him a better man.

"Every human being has its advantages and disadvantages, learn to agree with it and appreciate each and every one who touched your life as it did not just it was written by God to get you where you are."

The father of four noted that he would forever value their influence.

"The contribution of these is Great and Deep Love and their value to me will remain forever in the Heart... These are my Super Women Happy International Women's Day to all #SUPERWOMEN in the World #SUPERWOMAN." He wrapped up his thoughts.

This time round though, there is a deafening silence on his end.

The Wasafi CEO has not shared anything in line with International Women's Day.

The concern on his mind was his weight. He showed himself on a weighing scale that showed he was 73 kilos. "Doh" he expressed about the scale.

Well, neither have any of his baby mamas. Not one of them has written a message to mark women's day.

Tanasha shared a video receiving an award in Belgium, while Zari is in Dubai with her current boyfriend, and Haamisa shared a photo about being a boss babe eliciting happy women's day comments from her fans.

Meanwhile, Nadia Mukami enlisted the help of Avril, Wahu, Pryshon, and Brandy Maian for a collabo on March 8.

Their song dubbed Superwoman has garnered 200k views since its release on Wednesday.

Fans are blown away by the collabo referring to it as a masterpiece.

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