Jeff Mwathi, DJ Fatxo, and CS Kithure Kindiki

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kindiki Kithure has finally weighed in on the mystery surrounding the death of interior designer Jeff Mwathi. 

In a statement,  Kindiki instructed Directorate of Criminal Investigations Mohamed Amin to conduct intensive investigations into the matter. 

"On the matter of the late Jeff Mwathi, have spoken to the DCI Amin and instructed him to send a homicide team from the DCI headquarters to thoroughly investigate the incident and take the necessary action," Kindiki said. 

The CS lauded the efforts of the DCI in acting on the matter.

"The homicide team from the DCI headquarters is dispassionate, and this will help resolve the claims of collusion," he said. 

Mwathi died after falling from the 10th floor of a building DJ Fatxo stays in. The circumstances under which Mwathi died are still unclear.

It is said he was with a group of friends partying.

Reports show the victim had spent the day with the popular DJ.

It is said Mwathi met with the popular DJ as he was meant to design the DJs shop. 

Mwathi sent his mother a few videos from his day with DJ Faxto.

The last video sent was while he was in the house of the DJ. 

CCTV footage revealed that Fatxo, Mwathi, and three ladies went to his apartment after spending time together at three different clubs.

According to Mwathi's uncle, Fatxo and the three ladies left the house at around 4 am leaving Jeff in the house with two other men.

Mwathi's parents are appealing for justice for the death of their son.

His father said Mwathi was to leave the country to further his studies this month.

“My son had not attempted to die by suicide in 2019 as alleged. They are lying,” Peter Kirumba, Mwathi’s father said.

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