Shorn Arwa crowns Vera Sidika queen of receipts

Shorn was reacting to Vera Sidika's brewing beef with socialite Amber Ray

Shorn Arwa reacts to Vera Sidika and Amber Ray's drama
Image: Instagram

Social media influencer/ entrepreneur Shorn Arwa has just crowned reality tv star and musician Vera Sidika as the queen of receipts following the ongoing online war Vera and fellow socialite Amber Ray have been involved in.

Shorn Arwa taking to her Instagram stories shared how impressed she was with Vera isn't just all bark and no bite and actually backs up her talk with receipts.

"At this point, Vera Sidika should just change her name to Vera receipts because wueh!

That lady always has receipts." Started off as the mother of one.

She went on to recount all the moments Vera has defended herself using receipts when people tried coming after her.

"I remember that time she and Otile Brown had receipts left right and center. You try to attack her and boom, receipts!

With that Nigerian guy, she still had receipts." Added Shorn.

She went on to advise that people should think twice before attacking Vera or having receipts of their own instead of just coming at her with words as that doesn't work.

"When it comes to Vera you don't just come with accusations because she will come back at you with receipts not just talk." The influencer said.

In a series of posts, Sidika claims that Amber Ray was planning to unveil the gender of her unborn baby using a chopper but changed last minute after seeing her (Vera) videos trending online.

Vera Sidika and Amber Ray

According to Vera, she did her gender reveal party on December 14, 2022 but kept everything under wraps until March 9, 2023, when she unleashed everything in an episode of Real Housewives of Nairobi show.

Queen Vee bragged that she is the queen of setting trends and that everything she touches turned into gold. “I’ve always thrown the best parties & my creativity Makes me stand out. My gender reveal party actually happened on 14th December 2022.

Some celebs low-key knew about it. Slide through to see the preparations; how I invited the guests, the helicopter, the lake view, also, hubby splashed money on me after I won the bet🎊💃🏼ksh150,000 (I bet for boy) ' Vera wrote.

   Before adding:

“They wanted to reveal gender with chopper too. Plans just changed last minute because I posted mine and it trended for three days.

They had to look for plan B coz now it would have been too obvious coz the Chopper was already booked. They had to just find a way to use it. Told the planner she wants to copy my entire gender reveal party and does it right before mine shows on TV.

Someone wants to do everything from my gender reveal party and wants to do it right before mine shows on TV.

So when it airs it looks like I copied her. Cheee. Wickedness in this world is too much and the same person said they hate me so much. That I am fake na roho chafu, yet they don’t even know me personally.

Her friend was at my gender reveal… not as a guest. As a friend of a service provider, then went asking people who were at the party for more data."

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