Andrew Kibe
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Andrew Kibe has taken to his YouTube channel to announce celebrities and media houses that have blocked him on Instagram.

Adding that most of them don't understand entertainment and taking matters personally adding that "I just give you whips to teach you a lesson na sasa ukiniblock mtalearn aje? Kwani hamjui mambo ya internet, mnachukuia personal."

Below is a list of the celebs who have blocked Mr. Lambistic as he calls himself;

1. Pulse Live

Kibe revealed that Digital media house, Pulse Live Kenya is among those who have blocked him.

The reason why they blocked him is still unknown.

2. Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe

She is Kibe's former workmate and the two fell out months after Kibe resigned from Kiss FM.

Kamene claimed that Andrew just got toxic after they stopped working together.

She tried making their friendship work by reaching out to him unfortunately things did not go as planned.

Ms Goro confirmed that she blocked him after he started mentioning her name in his videos and attacking her online.

3. Terrence Creative and Milly Chebby

daughter joins school
Terence and Milly Chebby daughter joins school
Image: Instagram

There was a time Terrence shared a video where he was dancing while wearing his boxer shorts and the video went viral - trending countrywide.

Their beef started when Kibe attacked the comedian claiming he was out of ideas to create funny videos.

He also accused his wife Milly Chebby saying she was the one who had influenced her hubby.

Kibe has never ceased mocking him and maybe it is the reason why the comedian opted to block the US-based content creator.

The two have been engaged in a bitter feud that has been played out in the public eye, with fans and critics alike weighing in on the drama.

4. Mungai Eve and Trevour

Director Trevor with Mungai Eve
Image: Instagram

Kibe has been shading Eve Mungai and her boyfriend Director Trevor for a long time and it was about time for them to block him.

In one of his latest videos, he claimed that Mungai Eve had changed a lot, especially in the pictures she has been posting on her Instagram, and that her boyfriend Trevor should brace himself for heartbreak.

5. Presenter Ali

Presenter Ali and Andrew Kibe
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Their beef started when Kibe unleashed his criticism on several Kenyan YouTubers saying they dropped the ball after getting into relationships and Ali was one of them.

Ali threatened to bring Kibe down and his YouTube channel and even released a diss song addressing him.

6. NRG Radio

The podcaster claimed that Mwalimu Rachel is the one who told the radio's management to block him and he had to do a video on YouTube asking them to unblock him explaining that;

" I realized why they blocked me, It was because of Mwalimu Rachel who doesn't like me, si yeye ni feminist, I had to tell them to unblock me through a video like this."

Kibe worked for NRG Radio some time back. 

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