Anerlisa Muigai responds to her latest marriage proposal

The CEO intimated most men are quick with proposals when they clearly don't know how to handle a real woman

Anerlisa Muigai reponds to a fans marriage proposal

Nero Company CEO Anerlisa Muigai has intimated that most men are super quick with proposals and the hunger to tie a woman down when they clearly don't know how to handle a real woman.

The comment came after a netizen tried proposing to the sole heiress of Keroche Breweries on her Instagram post.

Honestly speaking, Anerlisa has to be the most coveted bachelorette in Kenyan history.

No one in the social media streets has received as many proposals as the 35-year-old entrepreneur.

Not even Huddah Monroe... and she has had a couple.

The overconfident Instagram user identified as Bosco_abraham left a comment on one of Anerlisa’s photos letting his hopes of marrying the damsel be known.

Bosco highlighted that he was hopeful that when Anerlisa finally settles down it will be with him.

“One day, that hand will have a ring, hopefully from me,” commented Bosco.

Responding to the comment, the ever-classy Anerlisa noted that it was ironic how most men only know how to put a ring on a woman’s finger, but only a few really know how to handle a real woman and kept it moving.

Her relationship status has always been hush hush like drug money ever since last year and it's not clear whether she's still in a relationship with Melvin Abraham, whom she introduced to her fans on social media a few months after divorcing Tanzanian singer Ben Pol in 2021.

The two enjoyed their relationship publicly with Anerlisa splurging on the guy during his birthday.

However, she went all dark and has kept everything love related on the down low confusing people on whether she is single or not. She, however, did take to her stories to muse over the peace that comes with privacy. 

Sharing her thoughts on relationships she advised people to keep them private stating that she values privacy and needs her man to be someone who does not share their relationship details online.

“I adapt to every relationship according to how I am treated. Getting peace of mind from somebody is very rare and also getting somebody who keeps quiet about the relationship is also very rare,” said Anerlisa.

Her advice for public figures who are single? Pretending to be in a relationship, helps keep unnecessary people away and helps one be able to choose their partner in peace.

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