Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai is not dealing with broke men anymore. She has learnt her lesson. She is also offering free advice to Kenyan women to avoid such men.

Taking to her Instagram, she shared a video of a man detailing how if he were a woman he too would avoid broke men.

He is heard saying; 

"I am not a woman, but if I was a woman I'm not opening my door, I am not paying at a restaurant, I am not choosing where to go eat, I am not making the plans for the evening. I'm not a woman but I would demand that I be treated like a queen," ends the video of the man

Anerlisa wholly agreed with him summarizing what he meant. "In short, date a respectful, and wealthy man".

She added her thoughts to his opinion, "If you are a man and have no money STFU about offering love. No woman wants to deal with a broke guy. Love only will never put food at the table."

Life lessons have made Anerlisa adopt this mantra. When Anerlisa dated Ben Pol, his flashy lifestyle was questioned by a few of his friends. Most who knew him alleged that he was kept by his ex-wife Anerlisa.


Even Maina Kageni told on his show that he had repeatedly warned Anerlisa against paying a man's bills, while he also advised Ben Pol to stop using Anerlisa for her money.

"Every time I saw Ben Pol posting himself in Range Rovers, I knew they were not his,” Maina Kageni said during the show.

"And the fact that he did not feel anything posting them is sad. How do you floss with things that are not yours? Mpaka you hashtag #softlife?


He was left with nothing, he is currently driving the first car he was driving when I met him. I knew it was gonna end in premium tears. When you find him in a certain lane, leave him there."

We learned of this fact after making it official that he was getting a divorce, Anerlisa penned on her social media that women should not upgrade a man's lifestyle.

"Leave him as you met him, leave it as it was. If the guy is serious with you, he will upgrade himself for you using his own effort and resources," she wrote.

Ben Pol dismissed the claims, saying that his focus was on his partner.

"What people say has never bothered me. About the wealth and age, these are things that have no chance in my mind. My attention was on my partner. I have heard so many stories about me and that’s kinda funny, and the stories are always false."