Anerlisa and Ben Pol
Anerlisa and Ben Pol

 Anerlisa Muigai was considering telling the world her side of the story after her ex husband singer Ben Pol did an explosive interview with Millard Ayo.

The singer said a couple of things among them how he didn't enjoy the marriage. He also highlighted that he made less money through his music as he was always travelling and was not available for booking. 

Pol said he is still in love with her. 

Anerlisa now says she will save her ex husband the embarrassment and not do any interviews.

"After a long calculation and deep thinking, I have seen no need to do an interview to answer Ben Pol about my previous relationship with him. I realized it's not really worth my time to talk about it because right now I'm better than that."

She told him that he needed to move on as there is no chance of them ever getting back together.

"But just to remind Ben, it's been two years now since we broke up. I am not your wife and it is also clear that I cannot be your friend. Move forward with your life and stop thinking that we will get back together. It can't happen. You know very well that if I decide to do an interview to make things clear, I don't know where you will hide your face."

Muigai insinuated that Pol uses her name every time he feels irrelevant to wants to promote a song.

"To avoid embarrassment, keep my name out of your mouth, don't try to use it to push your music career, if you fail in music, find a job or go back to school,"

The ex-couple started dating in 2018 and got married at a private ceremony in Tanzania in 2020. They finalized their divorce in 2022.