Anerlisa lists the 3 biggest issues she has with some of her fans

The businesslady through her Insta stories called out fans who have no respect for personal boundaries

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai

Entrepreneur/ social media influencer Anerlisa Muigai is calling out fans who have no respect for personal boundaries.

The 35-year-old asked the masses to learn to let public figures be and respect their spaces even when they bump into them in public.

In a series of long Instagram posts the Keroche Breweries heiress penned a message highlighting how disrespectful she found some fan's behaviour.


"Honestly, I need to say this from my heart... When you meet public figures, could you please let them be and respect their spaces?" started off Anerlisa.

She went on to add what had brought about her outburst, "Recently, I have experienced behaviours I haven't appreciated.

1st, I don't get why when people show me their Instagram pages through my page, choose to follow themselves back without even asking me if it's okay. (Disrespectful)."


Anerlisa added that people should stop feeling entitled when asking celebrities for their personal numbers, highlighting that just because you've met someone once doesn't mean you are now acquainted.

The damsel also reminded people how impolite it was to start sending CV's on WhatsApp especially if you hadn't communicated about any job opportunities with the one you're sending them to.

"Secondly: It's impolite to stop asking for personal numbers just because we have bumped into each other.

The other day, I gave my number to some lady who really insisted on the personal one and rejected the office one.

Now, my WhatsApp is full of CVs. The best way to do it is to give someone your business card, and if you get a callback, then just know they were interested in knowing your business.

If you do not have a card, please don't ask for phone numbers. I find it very annoying."

Finishing off, Anerlisa maintained as she has always said before her Instagram page is her personal page and people should stop asking for tags, mentions, or follow backs from her, especially business pages where she shops.

"Thirdly, stop asking for tags. My page is my personal space. I would go somewhere or buy something, and someone would still insist on tagging or mentions. If I pay for something, kindly do not expect a mention..

Also, stop using my images to promote anything.

I thought I put that out because I know most public figures would agree with me." The last of her post read.

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