Kamene and Obinna
Kamene and Obinna
Image: Kiss FM

Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna is not the person to attend a lot of birthday parties and weddings but when he does, he's promised he goes all out.

Speaking on the Morning Kiss, Obinna was responding to Anerlisa Muigai's post on why she doesn't understand people who don't bring gifts to other people's events.

"I have never understood how you get invited for birthdays or weddings but don’t even bring a gift. Flowers are not a gift…I mean, somebody has spent so much putting their event together and then you come to the party empty-handed? Stop,” wrote Muigai.

Responding to her, Obinna said he goes all out but is not his priority to bring people gifts.

"I didn't ask you to invite me to your birthday. You invited me and I had other Plans. Other people even blackmail you to go for their birthdays. My financial situation does not allow me to go shopping for you, I'm not gonna buy you iPhone 14 or anything," he said.

Adding; "For me, I usually feel if I give someone a gift that's less than 10k is not worthy. So I'd opt for the flowers and I can quickly give them to you. For 5K which gift will I surely give to you? Someone like myself, I have like 20 birthdays to attend, I either attend them freely or I don't show up. Some of our friends are rich, imagine going to their birthday, what do you carry?"

Kamene Goro agreed with Anerlisa that going to people's events without gifts is a lack of manners.

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