Tiktoker Ajib Gathoni confirms breakup with lover Josh Wonder 

Award-winning Tiktoker Ajib Gathoni has confirmed her breakup with her boyfriend Josh Wonder. 

Fans speculated a few months ago that the two had broken up as they had unfollowed each other across all the social media platforms but neither of them addressed the rumor till today.

In a video, when Ajib was asked by her fans whether the breakup rumor was a prank she responded by saying she was sorry because it was not a prank.

The fan claimed that he or she had invested a lot of emotions and feelings in their relationship. 

"How do you expect us to move on from your relationship with Josh Wonder? I invested my emotions in it now am just sad…tell everyone it is a prank." 

So sorry❤️ but it’s not a prank," Ajib Gathoni responded.

Ajib Gathoni rose to the spotlight after winning the Pulse Award for TikTok influencer of the year 2022, female dance category. 

She and Josh Wonder met on TikTok and began making lip-syncing and dance videos that went viral on TikTok.

The two ex-lovers had also started a YouTube channel where they had begun posting videos as a couple.

On the video, another fan also expressed concerns about the two not being consistent on their joint YouTube channel. 

In response, Ajib advised her fans to become accustomed to watching the two videos on the channel.

Josh and Ajib also co-own the cloth line "Random wears" which has also closed down as confirmed by Ajib in one of her recent videos on YouTube.

“I know you will not answer this…Is random wear still on?” a curious fan asked? “Unfortunately not,” she responded.

Though the reason for their breakup is unknown their fans have speculated a variety of reasons but the two have remained silent about it even as they post their various videos.

Fans continue to support their work and content even after the split.

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