Ajib gathoni's boyfriend mugged at gunpoint

Ajib revealed that Josh, his brother and another friend had been robbed at gunpoint but not injured

Ajib Gathoni narrates how her boyfriend got mugged
Image: Instagram

Popular TikTok dancer and digital content creator Ajib Gathoni took to her socials to announce that her boyfriend Josh Wonder was robbed by armed robbers.

Talking about the traumatic experience that her boyfriend had undergone, Ajib highlighted that Josh was still in shock over what had happened.

"Hey loves please be careful Last night @_joshwonder, his brother and his friend were robbed at gunpoint!

They took their phones and just literally anything they felt like

in case you tried to reach him and couldn't succeed, that's the reason,"  the content creator disclosed. 

Ajib noted that physically all three were okay just a little in shock over having guns pulled at them and the anger of losing one's belongings.

"They're okay! But just in shock! Literally, no one deserves that

Please be careful out there! At this point I don't know what's becoming of us as a people," finished off the popular TikToker.

This comes in just a day after veteran makeup artist Miss Keysha also took to her Instagram to narrate that she'd been robbed at gunpoint as well.

According to Keysha the thieves also tried stealing her car but were unsuccessful.

Taking to her insta stories the makeup guru started by noting how for granted people take the simple act of leaving the house, conducting their business, and going back home safely.

"Leaving your house and returning back safely is such an underrated blessing," mused the entrepreneur.

She went on to add that she'd been reminded of this simple fact after an encounter she had with armed robbers.

Narrating the horrific incident, she wrote.

"Hey, loves, please be cautious out here, today as I was going for a house call, I got robbed at gunpoint. They stole everything I had," Keysha said.

Keysha went on to add that the robbers had also tried to steal her car but luckily, they did not.

She didn't give further details as to how she was able to make it out of the situation, especially with her car, but she maintained that she'd lost her phone and makeup kits.

"They tried to steal my car as well, but they didn't manage.

Thank God no one was hurt. If you were trying to reach me on phone, I haven't replaced my line yet, you can Dm me." Finished off Keysha.

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