Zari's daughter Tiffah wants house help fired for crazy reason

The 7-year-old has a bone to pick with her mom's employee

Zari's daughter Tiffah asks to have their house help fired

Princess Tiffah, Zari's daughter whom she shares with bongo artist Diamond Platinumz has the internet in stitches after she revealed she does not like the way their house help calls her when her mom isn't around.

Latiffah who turned 7 the other day decided to complain to her mom over the yelling that she emphasizes annoys her.

"So Miss Juma how does auntie call you?" Zari who is not in frame is heard asking the young girl who is seemingly engrossed in a show in the TV as she has to call her twice to get a reaction.


Tiffah went on to yell her name in a hoarse voice trying to imitate the yelling that goes around. Her mom goes ahead to ask, "So how do you want to be called? How do you want her to call you?"

And the young girl goes on to softly mumbling her name, saying she wants to be called in a low tone no yelling of whatever sort.

Her voice is so low that her mom can't even hear her properly but apparently, that is how the 7-year-old wants to be addressed.


"Why does she call you like that though? Because I wouldn't want someone yelling my name as well," Zari said trying to get to the bottom of things.

Tiffah with her dad Diamond Platinumz
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Princess Tiffah replies by saying she doesn't know but action needs to be taken. When her mom asks her what she thinks she should do Tiffah calmly without a second thought replies, "fire her."

"Fire her? Just like that?" A shocked Zari asks to which her daughter candidly replies yes with a lot of sass on her face emphasizing on the firing.

Her mom still in shock asks if Tiffah has tried communicating what she doesn't like first. "have you tried talking to her and told her you don't like being called like that? I think you should do that before we fire her." Zari says.

But Tiffah seems to have her mind set as she refuses to agree to communication, "nopes, fire her," Tiffah replies then casually goes back to drinking her drink and focusing on her kid's show.

Sharing the video of their interaction to Tiffah's over 3.3 million followers her mom captioned the video, "Naah nobody is supposed to call me like that.... I am taking it up in management. The branch manager is in South Africa or else I will escalate it to head office in Tanzania."

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