Josh Wonder reveals how ex-girlfriend almost kicked him out of his house

Josh revealed that on the days leading to the split Ajib tried to secretly have him kicked out of their house which he paid rent for.

Tiktoker Ajib Gathoni confirms breakup with lover Josh Wonder 

Digital content creator Josh Wonder is dishing out dirt on his ex-girlfriend TikToker Ajib Gathoni weeks after the dancer confirmed that the two had indeed split up.

In a TikTok live video on his official page, Josh revealed that on the days leading to the split Ajib tried to secretly have him kicked out of their house which he paid rent for.

"Previously during the relationship I'm the one who used to ensure rent was paid and anything else to do with the house.

 At this time when things were going sour, person X decided to call the owner of the house, telling the owner, to change every piece of information in the tenant agreement from under my name to hers,” Josh said in the TikTok live session.

He went on to narrate how Ajib tried to have all documents changed so that she'd be the owner of the house and take the lead in everything.

"This meant she wanted to take over the house so that she would have the authority to tell me to leave when it came down to that," Started off Josh.

He went on to add that her ex didn't know that when leasing the house he didn't include his girlfriend's name in the documents.

"She did not know that the house we were in did not have any of her details on them. The owner was very shocked. He told her, ‘I don’t even know who you are, first of all, and can I talk to Josh!’ and when the owner was talking to me I told him I also don’t know what is happening.” Said the TikToker.

Ajib Gathoni with her ex boyfriend Josh Wonder
Image: Instagram

Fortunately, Josh had been smart enough to ensure that the lease was in his name, and the next of kin listed was his brother.

He noted in hindsight he was happy that he “played it smart and made sure that the next of kin [indicated in any of his documents] is my brother. Right now I’d be homeless.”

2 weeks ago award-winning Tiktoker Ajib Gathoni confirmed her breakup with her boyfriend Josh Wonder. 

For a few months fans speculated that the two had broken up as they'd noticed the couple had unfollowed each other across all the social media platforms but neither of them addressed the rumor.

In a video, when Ajib was asked by her fans whether the breakup rumor was a prank she responded by saying she was sorry because it was not a prank.

The fan claimed they'd invested a lot of emotions and feelings in their relationship. 

"How do you expect us to move on from your relationship with Josh Wonder? I invested my emotions in it now am just sad…tell everyone it is a prank." 

So sorry❤️ but it’s not a prank," Ajib Gathoni responded.

It has now emerged that the two split over claims of infidelity with Josh pointing fingers at the famed dancers for stepping out of their relationship.

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