Kate actress and Director Phil respond to breakup rumors

Netizens got worried after Kate deleted all traces of Phil from her Instagram

Kate actress with Hubby Director Phil
Image: Courtesy

Kenyan thespian Catherine Kamau Karanja left her fans and followers super confused as she cleared any social media presence of her long-term partner Phil Karanja from her socials.

The award-winning actress went on a purge deleting photos of her husband from her page, something her over 2.2 million followers were quick to note.

Even though her page right now sorely reads of her, social events, her newly launched cosmetic line, and a few friends here and there, it is interesting to know that Kate still follows her hubby o the gram.

Popular media personality Ankali Ray itching for an answer contacted the celebrity couple for information about their alleged separation, but they refused to discuss their marital affairs.

Upon answering the call, award-winning film producer/director Phil Karanja candidly said 'my friend, let’s talk some other time,” before hanging up on Ankali.

Kate on her part also picked up the call but was disappointed to learn it had nothing to do with her flourishing talent and the name she was carving for herself and Kenya in the international spaces.

“I thought you were calling me about work. If you’re calling about family, that’s different. Don’t wake me up to ask me about what you read online.” Replied the mother of 2 clearly unhappy with the intrusion.

The actress raised suspicions after deleting her husband’s photos from her Instagram account, an action often interpreted as a sign of relationship troubles in this modern world.

Remember how just a week ago Brown Mauzo had everyone turning into a netizen sleuth after he deleted photos of his baby mama Vera Sidika from his Instagram?

When it comes to Kate, just like with all the other celebrities, a huge section of netizens are suspecting it is just clout chasing an attempt to draw traffic to herself as she is either about to launch a new product or she has an acting project that needs unveiling.

However, others feel that the award-winning actress may have decided to separate her online self from her personal business.

Some feel, Kate might have decided to focus her social media presence on her career rather than her personal life, as she still retains her marital name, Catherine Kamau Karanja.

On the other hand, Phil has not removed any photos of the couple from his account. What do you think of all this?

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