Too Hot To Handle winner Jawahir Khalifa confirms break up with Nick Kici

Too Hot To Handle season 4 winner Jawahir Khalifa has confirmed separation from Nick Kici after a seven-month-long relationship.

The couple, who were one of the fan favorites of the show, had won the grand prize of $89,000 (Sh12, 139, 600 )together and had a bright future ahead of them. 

However, the unexpected announcement of their split has left fans in shock. 

In an exclusive interview with Kiss 100, Hawahir explained that the reason for their breakup was Nick's infidelity.

"You know when people cheat and make you feel nikama wewe ndio chizi”, she said. 

 She claims that Nick was cheating on her, and he was manipulating her because he was much older than her.

Jawahir revealed that they were compatible as she wanted them to be, but Nick's actions destroyed their relationship.

”I did a lot of shadow work to figure out who I am in that process of time and honestly he didn’t do that, so we were not compatible as I wanted us to be at that point," Jawahir said. 

Jawahir, a 22-year-old model from Holland, originally born in Somalia, moved to Holland when she was eight years old.

Nick Kici, a 28-year-old reality star from the USA, and Jawahir had an instant connection on the show, which quickly turned into a romance. 

However, as the relationship progressed, the couple faced several challenges, which ultimately led to their separation.

The news of their split came as a shock to many fans, who had been rooting for the couple since the show's inception.

Fans have been expressing their sadness and disappointment on social media, with many hoping that the couple would reconcile in the future.

Jawahir, on the other hand, has been handling the breakup with grace and dignity.  She has not let the breakup affect her work or her public image.

She has continued to post on social media and has been promoting her modeling career. She has also been actively engaging with her fans and has been responding to their messages and comments.

In conclusion, the breakup of Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici has left fans of Too Hot To Handle season 4 in shock.

While their romance on the show was short-lived, their connection was evident to viewers, making them one of the favorite couples of the season.

However, their relationship was not meant to be, and they have decided to part ways.

Fans are hoping that both parties can move on from this and find happiness in the future.