Maribe and Jowie during a court hearing. Maribe and Jowie during a court hearing.

Jowie Irungu, the main suspect in the Monica Kimani murder, on Thursday, narrated how he ended up with a gunshot wound on the fateful day.

He explained to the court how an argument ensued between him and his ex-fiance Jacque Maribe over some messages he saw on her phone.

Jowie said it was not the first time they were having such an argument.

"This time it escalated," he said, adding he was intoxicated and angry with what he had seen on the phone. 

"I wanted to leave the house because the same message was repetitive. I was intoxicated and angry I didn't want to listen to her because of whatever I had seen," he said. 

He did not reveal what it was he saw. But explained he had raised the issue with one of their friends.

Jowie subsequently took his clothes and in the heat of things, he said a gun which belonged to Brian went off.

He said he had forgotten he had it but it went off while he was throwing and removing his staff from the house and that's how he accidentally shot himself.

Jacque Maribe has been charged alongside Jowie Irungu with the murder of Kimani.

Her body was found at her Lamuria Gardens Apartment which is located on Kitale Lane off Denis Pritt road in Kilimani.

Jowie and his ex-fiance Jacque Maribe are defending themselves in a case they are accused of having murdered Kimani in Nairobi.

In March, the court found them with a case to answer.

Justice Nzioka on Wednesday, March 29, said the prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt that the duo had a hand in the murder of Kimani and put them on their defence.

"After evaluating the evidence on record and all the documentary material placed before me by the parties, I find that the accused have a case to answer. Accordingly, they are placed on their defence," Justice Nzioka ruled.

The judge made the finding after hearing testimonies from 44 witnesses and after considering submissions from the prosecution, Jowie and Maribe.

The duo was charged in 2018 for the murder of Monica Kimani who was found dead at her house in Lamuria Gardens in Nairobi.