Maxwell Mwamburi's stern warning to side chicks/dudes

Maxwell warned side pieces that the scorned partner's tears and prayers would haunt them forever

calls out girls dating married men
Maxwell Mwamburi. calls out girls dating married men
Image: Instagram

Kenyan influencer and entrepreneur Maxwell Mwamburi also known as Hunty Maxine has a few stern words of advice to men and women dating married partners... karma is real!

The sort after cake boss highlighted that it was wrong to start a family with a married person if their spouse did not know and consent to the relationship.

I wonder how many married men and women tell their partners, "okay cool... you can cheat, I don't mind, you have my blessings."

Maxwell sharing his 2 cents warned side pieces stating "dear side chicks and side dudes, just know that no matter what happens, that married man has a wife and kids first!

And if y’all go ahead and get married, have kids and be kicking it behind their backs without their formal consent, be rest assured that karma will find you someday.”

Ironical coming from a person who gained fame over claims that he was dating a wealthy politician who pampered him. You all remember the zaddy that hunty Maxine used to brag about day in and out?

The gay socialite has revealed that he hasn't spoken to his father since he came out of the closet
Maxwell Mwamburi. The gay socialite has revealed that he hasn't spoken to his father since he came out of the closet
Image: Instagram
In his bid to highlight how karma usually comes back to bite such people in the back Maxwell narrated a story of someone he personally knew who cheated on his wife and the kid they sired with the side chick ended up having mental issues after they got older.
“Never, and I repeat, never take someone’s husband or wife without their will or consent, especially if they are legally married.
Those tears, mixed with prayers and fasting will haunt you for the rest of your life!
Yes, he will lie to you that you are the only fish in the sea, will give you money but you will never have peace in the future!!” Hunty Maxine advised.
He also claimed some children sired from such relationships may turn out to be dumb, violent, narcissists, drug addicts, thieves and members of the queer community among other vices.  
Another ironical point coming from a member of the rainbow community.
The entrepreneur maintained his situation was different as his mubaba's wife knows about their union and has no issue with it.
Even though he'd in the past revealed that the so called zaddy was just a fragment on his imagination, Maxwell backtracked his words maintaining they've been together for 7 years.
“I’m a gay politician’s side chick and his wife knows! And we have been doing this secretly for the last 7 years… even though he is in government and is so homophobic.
That’s what they get paid for, so I don’t judge him,” Mwamburi said.


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