Anerlisa reveals she hasn't been heartbroken in over 10 years

Interestingly Anerlisa was married to Ben Pol in March 2020 and the 2 split after a year

Reveals she suffered her last heartbreak at 22
Anerlisa Muigai. Reveals she suffered her last heartbreak at 22
Image: Instagram/Anerlisa Muigai

Nero Water Company CEO Anerlisa Muigai has just revealed she is a gangster at heart and hasn't suffered a heartbreak in over a decade. Not even when her marriage with Tanzanian artist Ben Pol crumbled.

The social media influencer shared the news on her Instagram page where she revealed that after her most gut wrenching heartbreak she had made the decision not to let anyone/anything that close to her heart again.

Anerlisa shared a video of her jamming to Victoria Nadine's song, "Be Okay" highlighting that even though it is a sad love song she truly loves it.


She then went on to talk about the woes that falling in love brings about.

“I love this song, even though it is a breakup song..." started off the Keroche Breweries heiress before adding, "the last heartbreak I had, I think I was 22 years old and that was the last time!

I decided never to let things get too deep into the heart,”posted the entrepreneur as she sang along to the sad love ballad.


In a past interview with Word Is, Anerlisa revealed that she in the past she always thought everyone she dated was genuine just because she was.

"That made me not see the clear picture," the CEO disclosed.

Anerlisa got married back in March 2020 to Tanzanian artist Ben Pol, a year later the two split as the artist filed for a divorce. Not one to dilly dally and cry over spilled milk, Anerlisa jumped into a new relationship after divorcing Tanzanian Benl in 2021.

When the relationship was still fresh and new she was quoted on  multiple occasions publicly talking about her new bae, Melvin Ibrahim, whom she describes as, "One who won my heart."

However, as of this year she has kept her love life very private no longer posting date nights and quality time like she did in the past making people to speculate that the two might have parted ways.

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