TMI podcaster Lydia KM explains why she was charging for advice about breakups

Content creator Lydia KM caused controversy last year when she announced she would be hosting a breakup workshop and attendees would be required to pay Sh3K for it.

Lydia announced that it was going to be a two-week workshop that would provide a professional's standpoint on the matter plus her own experience on how to move on after a breakup.

The uproar that followed was not something she addressed.

The 32-year-old TMI podcaster has now weighed in on the backlash. Speaking up on the Stephanie Nganga show for the Hot Seat segment, Lydia told why she was charging three thousand per participant.

"I was Sh3K per person, and about 40 to 50 people came...I don't think I have a problem saying it and it was like 40-50 people, who went to a group of schools, do the math"

Defense against a breakup workshop at a fee?

"First of all I really find it difficult to understand why they have an issue with me getting compensated for value that I'm offering. So either you don't perceive the value that I'm offering which is just a difference of opinion and that's okay or you don't want me to be compensated for giving value which is your syndrome which you are projecting on me."

The lifestyle and wellness digital creator noted that everyone handles breakups differently and that if she could help fasten the process, then she should get paid to do so.

" If you offer value, you deserve value back. But because at this time I went through a really painful breakup and I was very intentional about it and the book and by month three I was feeling better. So if someone has been stuck in a breakup for a year, and they want to know what it is that I did to help me get past it or at least get stronger quicker, why on earth would I keep that to myself?"

"And all of that time I shouldn't get paid for? It's crazy. Why??? And I don't take offense to it,"

"I saw all of that but I was like are you guys serious? The idea that I should not get compensated is a joke."

Lydia added that she had so much content on her plate at the time and wondered why Kenyans were up in arms about her charging.


Lydia broke up with her boyfriend named Mike who is now dating singer Jovial.

She had announced that she was back in the market.

“Hope you guys are good. Yes, Mike and I broke up. It’s been a lot over the last few weeks to deal with this and show up on my platform as authentically as I like. So now that I have shared with you guys, I’m taking a much-needed break to intentionally process,” She wrote on her Instagram stories.

Mike had apparently relocated to the Coast. They had been living together for a year.

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