Nana Owiti

Nana Owiti, the wife of singer King Kaka has a regrettable tattoo that she has had to cover up.

Displaying the original versus the newest ink job, Nana spoke of being mocked for the first terrible tattoo.

She had asked for a cupid, but according to her daughter, the tattoo looked like a rat or cat.


"Some tattoo artists should be beaten thoroughly 😂😂😂what was this even 🤭? I asked for a Cupid. He gave me stupid. Ata hivo Wacha niwashow nilitesaaaa 😂 Anyway, my daughter saw it the other day and she asked what that was.

I asked her to take a wild guess and she said ‘A RAT!’ 😳. Guys, A RAT!!! It be your own kids 😂😂Ok, I know I said wild but not that wild man! That’s wilding 🤣🤣🤣🤣(Na naweza kuwa msanii Ama it’s easily transmitted? 🤣🤣"

Adding this made her question her tattoo decision. Nonetheless, she sought the services of a reputable artiste to fix the 'rat' tattoo.


"Long story short, that was my cue for a cover-up 🤣🤣. I called, told him the story and he couldn’t stop laughing..He asked me to come over and promised to do something better. You be the judge? How did he do? Also mpeeni kazi watu wanapenda tattoo. He’s GOOD."

Nana has assured us that she will soon explain what the new tattoo of a lion means to her.

Meanwhile, her husband King Kaka is in America for several performances. The Kaka Empire CEO is part of the Madaraka US tour with many other Kenyan artistes.

He has a sixth studio album titled 2nd life available on all streaming platforms in case you haven't listened to it.